The Fall and Ascent of Man

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The Karma of Untruthfulness

Evil Foundations of Materialism

The Gospel of St. John as Mystery Wisdom


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You are the hopes of which dreams are made,

The joy of youth, the wisdom of ages,

The innocence of a child, the knowledge of sages,

The breath that moves the spirit bright.

Tyla Gabriel

The transition from the Mother Goddess to the Daughter Goddess is most important, because this is where the human ability to perceive and understand aspects of the Triple Goddess is dramatically increased.

Sophia the Mother — as Creatrix, Mother of All, Wisdom, and Nature – can easily be seen in the outside world as physical creation ensouled with a spiritual nature.  Her four aspects seem to be outside of oneself and not particularly personal.  For this reason, the Mother Goddess sent the Daughter Goddess into the Earth realm to experience what it means to be human and to manifest Herself in a way that we can perceive Her.

Sophia the Daughter descends from the Divine Feminine Trinity through the hierarchies until She over-lights Mary for eleven years.  As She descended, Sophia the Daughter Goddess brought all the forces of the Mother Goddess with Her as capacity.  As a human, She stood before the crucifixion just as helpless as Mary.  The plight of the human being needed to be understood completely and redeemed for all times by bringing the Wisdom to understand Christ’s deeds.

The Daughter Goddess descending to Earth is mirrored in Christ, the Son of the Father God, descending into Jesus of Nazareth for three years.  Human physical and spiritual development depends on a member of the Trinity becoming human, joining Their personal karma with the karma of humanity in order to conquer death as a human being.

There are thin boundaries between the Mother, Daughter, and Holy Sophia, and sometimes the distinctions are hard to understand.  One must remember that, although there are differences, these three are still one being.

Both the Male and Female Trinities are depicted as three-in-one because humans, at this point in time, cannot perceive worlds or beings that are beyond time and space.  The spiritual world is not limited by human perceptions.  Physical space and linear time do not exist beyond our human dimension.  In order to depict a being that transcends human space and time, a three-in-one representation is used.

In our hyper-materialistic age, the Mother Goddess and Her aspects of Creatrix, Mother of All, Wisdom, and Nature can easily be dismissed.  But when the human heart loves another, the Daughter’s aspects of Beauty, Virgin, Bride, and Beloved are replicated in the human soul, which can then begin its journey back to its spiritual home.

The perfected vehicles of these aspects of the Daughter were created by Sophia and implanted in the etheric realm around the Earth for anyone who can rise up to them.

By simply loving, the human heart can connect to the divine.

To anyone who loves another, the four aspects of the Daughter are close, personal, and very real.

To learn to love is to pass through these aspects as a Labor of Love that is birthing the higher soul nature of the one who loves. Continue reading in the Gospel of Sophia



The Representative of Humanity is a nine meters high wooden sculpture created by Rudolf Steiner between 1917 and 1925 in a collaboration with Edith Maryon. It was placed in a central place in the first Goetheanum, was saved from the fire when the Goetheanum was destroyed by arson, and is now placed in the second Goetheanum. It depicts the Christ in a human representation, as the representative of Man, in its battle between Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences represented by Ahriman in the cave and Lucifer on top.


Introduction to Stoicism


A Word From God by JC Kay & Mark Attwood


The term Anthroposophy

The term “Anthroposophy” should really be understood as synonymous with “Sophia,” meaning the content of consciousness, the soul attitude and experience that make a man a full-fledged human being. The right interpretation of “Anthroposophy” is not “the wisdom of man,” but rather “the consciousness of one’s humanity.” In other words, the reversing of the will, the experiencing of knowledge, and one’s participation in the time’s destiny, should all aim at giving the soul a certain direction of consciousness, a “Sophia.”

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 257 – Awakening to Community – IV – The development of the Anthroposophical Society. The soul-drama of the anthroposophist. – Stuttgart, February 13, 1923


Violet Aura


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