The end times is here and the Seventh Angel has released the seventh bowl. These events are happening on a grand scale in these “end times” and we must prepare ourselves to understand the mystery of the Cosmic Christ and then make ourselves ready for the bridegroom. New Jerusalem is descending from heaven, and we must make ready for the wedding feast. We must continue to preach the Eternal Gospel and sing the New Song of the Lamb if we wish to join the wedding party. This alone will ensure the completion of the plan of God to help his prodigal children return to their rightful inheritance upon the throne of God and the Lamb.

The Gospel of John contains the spiritual magic to dispel the hypnotic allure of hyper-materialism. Meditating on the “Word”, the “Logos” that is Christ is the key to living thoughts, inspirations, and intuitions.

Developing the direct connection with Christ in the etheric realm helps dissolve the grey shadow-thoughts of materialism that are drowning the etheric realm with darkness and enslavement of human free will.

Stigmata, revelation (apocalypse), possession, and hauntings have much in common and are simply a matter of whether the person affected is accessing the Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. There is much confusion regarding these matters because, until now, they have remained a secret of the mystery schools that draws the distinction between Christ and Ahriman.