This chapter of Douglas Gabriel’s book – The Human Heart is a Supersensible Organ of Perception – you will learn about the amazing fire in the heart that keeps it working – both at the physical level, as well as the spiritual.

Learn how suffering opens the heart to spiritual insight and learn about the “cube” around the heart that the ancients saw as a fiery box that fell from heaven to Earth.

Learn to eat and live optimally by knowing what blood type you are and the best food and exercise for that type.

“So what we eat is a killed deity. What you eat is God – Jesus, who gave his life that we might live. That’s the sense of all these mysteries; our life lives on life. The goal of the mystery is not to withhold the food that you are from the mouths that are waiting to consume you, but to welcome the consummation.” Joseph Campbell

To grow a spiritual ladder upon which to climb out of the darkness and into the light, one must rarify the spirit through morality training and higher thoughts. At the same time, the physiological effects that accompany this transcendence are wondrous. In anthroposophy, the process by which the spiritual journey is expressed within our body is known as the etherization of the blood, or the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream.