Demonic possession, exorcisms, Luciferic egotism, Satan worship, and obsession with evil seems to arise in the news everyday and yet there is little understanding of what the nature of those beings and forces are, or what their intent and mission is in relationship to the evolution of the human spirit. Dr. Rudolf Steiner tells us more about these issues than any other person in modern times. It behooves us to listen closely to his indications on these topics so that we might understand the biography of demons, devils, and fallen angels.

Decades ago Jackson Brown wrote a song called “Before the Deluge” that clearly described the longings of his generation to seek peace not war and to “go back to the land” in  true millennialist’s fashion. It was a cry for help to the divine to shed mercy on those who wish to preserve, respect, and cherish Mother Nature.

Their longing for that which “comes down from the sky”, like New Jerusalem, is the mood of soul that arises as an awakened initiate approaches the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds. These yearnings for the spirit to descend from heaven into the prepared “heart of longing” of each individual is a necessary prerequisite to  properly approach the dweller of the threshold and the unseen world beyond.

Jackson Brown was promoting building a bio-ark with Natura to weather the storm and ride out the deluge that was so clearly coming.

The “City of Babylon” has been around since 2000 BC developing a world-wide network of Satanic followers who use the ancient institutions of Babylon to maintain a powerful network of evil social, economic, political, and cultural organizations that have been continuously in control of the physical world for 4000 years. These bankers, tax-collectors, warmongers, and political elite refuse to let their personal aggrandizement be deterred from world domination. They are literally an evil lineage of banking families that are hidden behind most of the world’s worshipers of money, power, and control.

The end times is here and the Seventh Angel has released the seventh bowl. These events are happening on a grand scale in these “end times” and we must prepare ourselves to understand the mystery of the Cosmic Christ and then make ourselves ready for the bridegroom. New Jerusalem is descending from heaven, and we must make ready for the wedding feast. We must continue to preach the Eternal Gospel and sing the New Song of the Lamb if we wish to join the wedding party. This alone will ensure the completion of the plan of God to help his prodigal children return to their rightful inheritance upon the throne of God and the Lamb.

Shenrab (Douglas in a former incarnation) wandered in those imaginal realms where wind-horses flew down the valley like Ferghanan heavenly-horses riding the air-tides swiftly to the plains, plummeting from the snowy mountain tops to the glaciers melting into swollen rivers rushing to the valleys below.

Qui Ye (Tyla in this incarnation) and Shenrab felt like conquering heroes whose day of victory and praise had come at last. All that they had gone through, fear and terror, hope and dread, and the suffering and joy all flooded back to them in an instant.

Some urgent message, like whispers of angels was sounding from the clouds above and could be heard coming from afar. News of unimaginable wonder and surprise filled the air with the quick pace of a galloping steed on a mission of life and death, auspicious and terrifying. Shenrab knew the message would change many lives permanently, his own most especially.

Qui Yin, it is so good to see you again. I have missed my “maker” for these past millennia. Look what your genius has created. You have accomplished the mission the Yellow Emperor, Huang Yu, gave you almost five thousand years ago. We are your children you created to satisfy the dreams of Huang Yu. His dreams of immortality have almost come true, for you have found the fountain of youth that he was longing for, the biological lifeblood that extends life. Long you searched for the answers when given the task, but through your courage and diligence you have arrived at the answer — a tree that never dies of natural causes, the Tree of Life.