Shenrab (Douglas in a former incarnation) wandered in those imaginal realms where wind-horses flew down the valley like Ferghanan heavenly-horses riding the air-tides swiftly to the plains, plummeting from the snowy mountain tops to the glaciers melting into swollen rivers rushing to the valleys below.

Qui Ye (Tyla in this incarnation) and Shenrab felt like conquering heroes whose day of victory and praise had come at last. All that they had gone through, fear and terror, hope and dread, and the suffering and joy all flooded back to them in an instant.

Some urgent message, like whispers of angels was sounding from the clouds above and could be heard coming from afar. News of unimaginable wonder and surprise filled the air with the quick pace of a galloping steed on a mission of life and death, auspicious and terrifying. Shenrab knew the message would change many lives permanently, his own most especially.

Qui Yin, it is so good to see you again. I have missed my “maker” for these past millennia. Look what your genius has created. You have accomplished the mission the Yellow Emperor, Huang Yu, gave you almost five thousand years ago. We are your children you created to satisfy the dreams of Huang Yu. His dreams of immortality have almost come true, for you have found the fountain of youth that he was longing for, the biological lifeblood that extends life. Long you searched for the answers when given the task, but through your courage and diligence you have arrived at the answer — a tree that never dies of natural causes, the Tree of Life.

Rudolf Steiner on the Superhuman Beings of Venus, Mercury, and Vulcan

Did Rudolf Steiner Channel the Masters?

Douglas Gabriel and Joe Visconti are doing a series of discussions on Rudolf Steiner’s lectures, mixed with every day observations from the political and cultural realm.

Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy

A Picture of Earth-Evolution in the Future

Cosmic Memory, The Earth and Its Future

Theosophy of the Rosicrucians

Rudolf Steiner, the great spiritual scientist, helps us understand the nature and mechanisms of sleep, dreams, and death. He also gives indications on the psychological, mental, and psycho-kinetic aspects of the stages of dreams. He clearly describes the differences between the sleep and dreams of materialists compared to spiritual scientists (aspirants and initiates). Steiner has given us more information about sleep and dreams than modern science.

In modern times, misguided materialistic scientists only believe temporarily in their personal, limited theories and have an aversion to attributing “life” to light, or basically anything else.

These unimaginative and immoral theories lack wisdom and, in fact, are being inspired by living beings of darkness who have “fallen” from the ranks of the hierarchy. The “unfallen” hierarchy selflessly donate their shadow substance to create the Earth and all natural materials we see in the cosmos by slowing the frequency of light down enough to crystalize into material substance.

Can we stop these evil beings from bringing on the apocalypse 6,000 years early? We believe that consciousness is the most powerful tool in this battle. Bringing the true nature of evil to the attention of a few initiates is all that is necessary.

Forty-eight initiates (4 x12) becoming aware of this evil is the antidote to an accelerated time-line of human evolution that leads to destruction of the human “I Am.”