Evil Foundations of Materialism

… all the catastrophes befalling the world and humanity that we have to experience are due to the fact that a great majority of people still try to cling to materialism.

Rudolf Steiner

The science of entropy, theoretical materialism, is the greatest evil of our time because it deadens and kills the soul and spiritual nature of the human being, replacing them with fleeting theories that are not part of a comprehensive cosmology. There is no beating heart in the scientific model and the human being is not the primary consideration. Science breeds machines and materialism turns humans into automatons, cyborgs, and the nightmare of transhumanism. Materialism chooses machine intelligence over human intelligence. The cold, sterile lab table of the modern scientist is the altar of secular humanism – a religious belief limited by the five senses and scientific theories.

Modern science is excessively specialized and has no comprehensive worldview that ties together the clever elements of the specialized fields of study. We are expected to bow down to the newest theory, as though it was any more valid than the last one it replaced. Nothing in science coordinates the changing state of the art of each specialized field. For example, what bio-scientists discover today may never reach the minds of astrophysicists so that the correspondences and hyperconnectivity of the cosmos has a chance to ‘compare notes’.

Modern discovers in the material world are something great marvels that aid human comfort, development, health, and life in general. Other discoveries, like nanotech medicine, are clever and sound wonderful but actually lead to deadening the soul capacities of thinking, feeling, and willing. Iatrogenic death (doctor induced death) is the third leading cause of death in America. The American Medical Association and the U. S. Federal and State health agencies allow cigarettes to be legal although they slowly kill hundreds of thousands of people a year. Flu shots, pneumonia shots, vaccines, and petro-chemical drugs often times have the side-effect of death.

Science takes every new invention, patent, and discovery and first tries to weaponize it through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense.



Even the Internet was a DARPA project that got out of hand. It was meant to be an experimental psychological operations project to surveil, target, and attack users. The Dark Web was the prototype psy-ops which was used principally for illegal activities. The most notorious sites are found there. Science plus DARPA controls innovation through the military, pharmaceutical, economic, industrial complex. This is managed by bankers, brokers, and asset management companies who all own each other.

In other words, no one is at the helm and the ship of science is morally run aground.

Science is a perfect form of materialism that teaches egotistic indulgence in the seven deadly sins and abnegates moral and virtuous concerns for the wealth-fare of all humanity – not just the concerns of elite corporate dynasties. Materialism, since the mid-1800’s, has hidden the great intellectual advancements of the philosophers and thinkers who are now all but ignored and forgotten. The modern materialist has no connection to history, and therefore repeats the mistakes of socialism, fascism, communism, and the other hollow philosophic ideas that inappropriately reached into the cultural and economic domains. These are hollow theories fantasizing new social control mechanisms that were birthed by impractical people far removed from reality, like: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco and the other power-mongers who disguised human enslavement as new political parties – good political materialism. These hollow theories are grey shadow thoughts that do not relate to reality but exist in the realm of spiritual materialism where spiritual philosophy become materialistic prisons.

Science does not free us, it enslaves us as machines. Robots take over the jobs of humans who then be implanted with wet-work to keep up with automated production. Our mechanical inventions and artificial intelligence abnegates moral responsibility and the good of humanity. Machines and corporations supersede human health and well-being. And it is not just money that drives this materialistic direction; it is also power, greed, lust, anger, hatred, and the ultimate desire of living forever in the material world. Most billionaires have two common interests – depopulation of the common person, and the elite living forever (in one form or another). That is the bottom line of materialism – have enough wealth to buy anything and use science to extend life forever in the material world.


Transhumanism Artifical Intelligence ..DO YOU FEEL IMMORTAL!


The greatest sin of materialism is that believers eventually stop thinking any higher thoughts about what stands behind the physical, material world. The modern secular humanist doesn’t believe in God, heaven, life after death, life before birth, or anything except their own selfish domain. They believe only in themselves – the singular, alone, limited human being. In essence, they are carrying on the Roman belief that a human can become a god. The modern materialist only believes that they can gain knowledge from the limited five senses. They have no imagination, receive no inspiration, and are usually not connected to their own intuition.

It is a bleak, dark, cold, dead, world in the heart of a true materialist. No history, no need to read or put out an effort to understand life, no beliefs, and nothing beyond the cold grave lives in the mind of a materialist. These thoughts cause the materialist to have nothing to offer to the spiritual world. After death, the materialist lives in the realm of dead shadow-thought that is a new crucifixion of the Christ principal in the living, etheric realm around the Earth.


Jesuitism – Rome as the Source Spring of Materialism By Rudolf Steiner


Rudolf Steiner tells us that Christ is being crucified in the etheric realm through humans being dulled-down into being less than human. After life, these humans live in a type of “nothing-zone” where they simply continue to worship the material life. After the materialist’s physical death, he/she cannot wake up in the spiritual world. He stays in a dead-zone instead of meeting all of the beings who live in the spiritual world – including his dead relatives. But most painful and tragic of all, materialist do not see Christ or Christened beings in the etheric realm because he didn’t believe or wish to understand higher thinking or the beings behind the physical world when he was alive in the physical world. They are blind to reality, both in the physical world and the spiritual world. They are simply deaf, dumb, and blind to the spirit because they only focused on the physical world and its limitation. This tragedy is the most important problem to solve in our time.

We would like to share some selections of Rudolf Steiner’s wisdom concerning materialism. He fought against the deadening forces of materialism in an exemplary fashion by giving his Anthroposophy to the world. We focused this article on one particular set of lectures to choose the quotations found below. Quotations are taken from: Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy, Dornach, April 2, 1921.

The sources of materialism started around two hundred years ago and now has become the accepted, and default, belief system of our age. Materialists actually don’t understand that science is simply another mythology that can work seeming magic, but without an understanding of the true causes and source of life.

“It was in the middle and second half of the nineteenth century that materialism had its period of greatest development. Therefore, it need not surprise us that when people of that time had the feeling that they could think particularly well, they were actually driven to materialism. People materialized everything; they no longer lived in the spiritual essence permeating the word. Many examples could be cited to show that the culmination of materialism became evident even in speech.”

“In the middle of the nineteenth century, materialism was in a certain sense a test mankind had to undergo. The persistent adherence to materialism is bound to work terrible harm now, and all the catastrophes befalling the world and humanity that we have to experience are due to the fact that a great majority of people still try to cling to materialism.”

Materialism is a nihilistic cosmology of entropy and death that is not comprehensive, coordinated or collaborative. It leads to mechanical, artificial modes of thinking that are a devolution of human thinking. Humans are made more machine-like every time they use technology they do not understand completely. The mechanical slaves of machines are “eating” the soul and spirit of the user as the human becomes an automaton. Artificial intelligence is replacing human intelligence and the materialist is happy to hand their life-decisions over to a “super artificial intelligence” that can mechanically “think faster” than a human.

These materialistic promises of quantum computers and a global super-AI will never happen, but the spirit of materialism will certainly try to incarnate in machines to preserve the evil of the fallen beings who are imprisoned in our technology. This battle for the human soul and spirit has darkened the spiritual world with grey shadow-thinking, loveless feeling, and spiritually blind people. We must create new machines that are “for humans”, instead of “against humans.”

“I said that in these considerations our attention should not be turned so much to materialism in general, which calls for other viewpoints, but rather to theoretical materialism, to materialism as a world view. We cannot simply speak of rejecting it and say that it is an aberration; materialism needs to be understood.”

“The fifth post-Atlantean period [our epoch] is the one which is concerned with the development of the material world, and if the human being is not to degenerate totally into a mere accomplice of machines – which would make him into nothing more than an animal – then a path must be found which leads from these very machines to the life of the spirit. The priority for those working practically with machines is that they take spiritual impulses in their own soul. From machines, in particular, a path will truly have to be found into the spiritual world.”

The best part of theoretical materialism is the research into the reality of the constitution of the human being, both physically and psychologically. Studying the physical elements of life may not find the sources of life but it certainly produces massive amounts of information, data, and knowledge. But knowledge, no matter how much you have, does not turn into wisdom until love, beauty, and truth are added. Theoretical materialism has no cosmology – it does not define or understand where humans came from, where they are now, or where they are going. Materialism is tremendously limited in its view and yet its hubris and pride are unequaled by all except Lucifer, the angel who fell from heaven.

“What does theoretical materialism really signify? It signifies the view regarding the human being primarily as the sum of the material processes of his physical body. Theoretical materialism has studied all the processes of the physical, sensory body, and although what has been attained in this study is still more or less in its first beginnings, final conclusions have nevertheless already been drawn from it in regard to a world view. Man has been explained as the confluence of these physical forces; his soul nature is declared to be merely something that is produced through the workings of these physical forces. It is theoretical materialism, however, that initiated investigation of the physical nature of the human being, and it is this, the extensive examination of man’s physical nature, that must remain.”

“Theoretical materialism of the nineteenth century should therefore not merely be condemned in a narrow, one-sided manner; instead, we should grasp its significance in human evolution.”

“Theoretical materialism consisted in the fact that man devotes himself to a conscientious and exact investigation of the external material facts, that in a certain sense he loses himself in this world of facts. Then, proceeding from this investigation of facts, he attains to a view of life that tends to the conclusion that there is no other reality except the world of facts, and that everything pertaining to soul and spirit is, after all, merely a product of the material course of events.”

Striving to see beyond the physical, material limitations of creation is the mission of enlightenment. The efforts to study and understand the physical world develops capacities that can be transformed into supersensible perception. It is the effort that counts. Our desire to find the beings behind the forces of the physical world can insinuate those being’s true nature. But everything that is not eternal must be left behind we when cross over the threshold from the physical to the spiritual. We need to develop new sense organs to perceive and commune with higher spiritual beings. We see the shadow of these beings when we examine life and levity, (ectopy) instead of death and gravity (entropy). Our world is filled with the whispers of the spirit beings who create, destroy, and maintain our world of illusion (Maya). Once we conquer the delusion of Maya, we can use our new capacities to know higher worlds.

“To us, the physical-sensory (material) world is given. Proceeding from it, in one way or another, we try to comprehend the spiritual world. The ancient Orientals saw the spiritual world as given. On the premise of the physical world, we try to discover something with which to comprehend the wondrousness of the phenomena, the purpose of the structure of the organisms, and so on; based on this physical, sensory world, we try to prove to ourselves the existence of the supersensory world.”

Spiritual materialism in religion fills most churches with hollow words, platitudes, and excuses for not bringing the living waters of life which Christ gave to his disciples. Truth is the domain of the priest and the church-goers need not think another thing about spiritual matters – that is the job of the male-oriented priest-king to lord over his congregation. Spiritual materialism is equally as bad as secular humanism because it encourages a lazy believer and gives him excuses not try to attain higher worlds. The parishioner shows up for church, makes a donation, and lets the priest and the group soul of the religious denomination do the heavy work of praying, meditating, and directing spiritual self-development. Followers of priests and gurus fall back into the tribal, group-soul consciousness that abnegates the individual soul and their personal freedom. Eventually, when spiritual materialism tries to influence the cultural and economic life, socialism arises as a deluded dream of spiritual qualities being inseminated into humanity.

“He [the modern person] has to sail into materialism, for religious consciousness itself, after all, has absorbed only the external, material phenomenon of Christianity. It has then dogmatized this external, material phenomenon without attempting to perceive through some wisdom how the Mystery of Golgotha took place, but instead trying to determine through stipulations what truth is.”

“For many people, especially now in this materialistic age, thinking has come to be virtually contained in language. People today think hardly at all in thoughts but very strongly indeed in language, in words.”

“Socialism is not something connected with truth; above all it is not connected with spiritual life, for what it wants is to connect itself with materialism.”

Attempting to connect with the dead created a grotesque version of life after death when the Spiritism Movement arose in England and America and seances and table-tapping became the supposed proof of life after death for the materialist. This completely physical phenomena supplanted any effort to reach the dead through prayer, meditation, or the longing of the heart. Again, the seeker gives over their free will to the “spiritual practitioner” instead of doing the work themselves. Spiritual Materialism creates lazy, slothful seekers who gain little or nothing from the supposed communication with the dead. This fear of death is remedied through Christianity instead of nonsensically speaking to the “shell” of a dead person. Better to simply talk to the dead with your heart and not sell your soul out to some “spirit” who only comes into darkened rooms summoned by charlatan spiritists.

“Over in England, these matters run their course as questions of power. There, we find a certain spiritual movement that is typical of the Anglo-Saxon people. I have often pointed out that as the middle of the nineteenth century approached, certain people came to the conclusion that things could not be allowed to go on in the same way any longer; human beings had to be made aware of the fact that a spiritual world does exist. The merely shadowlike intellect did not suffice. Yet people could not make up their minds to bring this inclination towards the spirit to the attention of the world in a manner other than through something that is “super-materialistic,” namely, through spiritism. This spiritism, which in turn has a greater impact than one would think, has its origins there. Spiritism, out to grasp the spirit externally, so to speak, just as one grasps matter, is therefore super-materialistic, is more materialistic than materialism itself. Locke lives on, so to say, in this super-materialism. And this element that in a sense, dwells in the inner sphere of the modern cultural development, expresses itself outwardly. It is certainly again and again the same phenomenon.”

“People in the nineteenth century referred to the spirit and tried to demonstrate it through all sorts of material manifestations. The intention was to make the spirit comprehensible to human beings through materialism. The element, however, that imbued the initiates of the various fraternities then passed over into the external social and political conditions.”

Today’s tragic destiny of mankind is that in striving upwards today, human beings are endeavoring to do so not under the sign of spirituality but under the sign of materialism. The brotherhoods want to develop the impulses of the mercantile element, commerce and industry, in a materialistic way on a grand scale. This is today’s main conflict.”

The problems with materialism are easy for a spiritual person to see and impossible for a materialist to see. The veil between the worlds is drawn back in our age and the person who is prepared can now perceive the inner sanctuary, whereas the unprepared person sees only their double, their doppelganger of unresolved and unredeemed fear, doubt, and hatred. Often these spectral figures drive the materialism back into their comfortable world of “only things.” Even a glimpse of the spiritual world can satisfy the seeker but the materialist needs a “sign” and “proof” that the spirit exists. Unfortunately, the materialist is usually quite lazy and will not do any work to gain a view of higher worlds. It is easier for the materialist to accept “settled science” that declares there is no such “thing” as the spiritual world, spiritual beings, or anything that is not found in the physical world. This pseudo-philosophy is easy to adopt and maintain because the only thing believed in the secular humanist religion is the most current theories of “settled science.” Or as they say: “We now believe that science has found there is no god.”


Be the “elder” in your circle of influence, helping others lift the veil.


There are many ways to develop antidotes for the evil of materialism. One of the most effective is to study, with your heart not your brain, the first 14 lines of the Gospel of St. John. It is also good to look at all of the poetic language in that gospel and to find the positive, uplifting passages from St. John’s Book of Revelation (Apocalypse). These beautiful, spiritually inspired images and truths are the antidotes to the dead belief that there is nothing beyond the physical world. John was the first person “initiated” by Christ when he was still called Lazarus. After the initiation, being raised from the dead, Lazarus was called John, the one the Lord love, the beloved disciple, and numerous other names. John was given the responsibility of watching over the Mother of Jesus by Jesus himself, from the cross. John become the caretaker and student of the Mother of Jesus. Thus, John received the greatest wisdom of the Christ and Sophia and wrote these truths in his gospel and other writings. That is why meditating on John’s words can be so helpful to dispel materialistic machine thinking.

In our next article we will expand on this idea that the Gospel of John contains the spiritual magic to dispel the hypnotic allure of hyper-materialism. Meditating on the “Word”, the “Logos” that is Christ is the key to living thoughts, inspirations, and intuitions. Developing the direct connection with Christ in the etheric realm helps dissolve the grey shadow-thoughts of materialism that are drowning the etheric realm with darkness and enslavement of human free will.

Understanding the nature and being of the second person in the Holy Trinity brings great wisdom, filled with love. This is the antidote to the loveless, cold world of Lucifer and his cohort Ahriman, the spirit of materialism. In our age, this spirit of materialism is the apparent master of this physical world. Christ descended into the lower realms and conquered hell after he conquered death in the physical realm. Now, Christ is in the living realm of the etheric around the Earth.

When materialism darkens this world, Christ is again tortured and crucified for the sake of the humans who are falling behind in spiritual evolution. Materialism blinds the soul to the spirit and imprisons the materialists in the limitation of their own world view. Theoretical materialism is a dysfunctional cosmology of passing theories and limited views of true nature of the human being. John’s gospel expands the cosmology of Christ to include Sophia (Wisdom) and Love. Thus we should, as the Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 2:15: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”


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