The Gabriels Hear the Call of the North

When the Earth reached the mid-point of the galactic center, we decided to go north to where the spiritual community joins together each night as the crown of the aurora borealis spins around the north pole. The date December 21, 2012 was seen by many to mark the celebration of the middle point of the 25,920-year cycle called the Platonic Year, or the body of the Goddess. When the Earth reaches this galactic mid-point, every 12,960 years, or so, humans can take giant leaps in consciousness and the Earth itself can go through cataclysmic earth changes that accompany this great influx of cosmic energies.

Often, the wobble of the axis of the earth changes to some degree as a response to a grand solar minimum and this also changes the ocean currents, which ultimately control all weather on the Earth. Many people believed that 2012 would be the year that the axis of the Earth would change, just as the poles of the Sun had changed dramatically the year prior. The Sun regularly changes its polar magnetic orientation which can trigger the Earth to do the same. We went to the North Pole to be under the aurora borealis to consciously help prevent a dramatic change to the Earth physically. We choose to be part of the solution.

We spent a week under the glow and splendor of the aurora in 40 degree below zero weather while swimming in a huge outdoor natural hot springs with the North Pole of Alaska below us. One day after we left Alaska, there was a large earthquake near where we had been. We believed our mission had been accomplished and a spiritual reprieve was given so that the, often predicted, cataclysm turned out milder than imagined and few people were harmed. For our part, being under the indescribable majesty of the crown of the spinning aurora was a blessing that will last a lifetime.

Aurora 3

Each night, as we stood atop a mountain and the crown of the aurora encircled us, each person would weep or be visibly moved, even the men. Silence would come over us as we all looked up transfixed by the living nature of these ions of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen meeting the solar wind as they flow into the cosmos with levity, color, moving currents of light and a part of your soul. Truly, standing within the ever-moving walls of the aurora can raise the soul into the cosmic atmosphere within this “temple of human sacrifice” – a direct conduit to the Sun and stars. A true connection is made to the spirit of our cosmos through this attempt of the Earth and humanity to “shine like the Sun.”

Going to the north during the coldest time of the year seemed quite crazy to everyone we told about our trip. It sounded like an imaginary tale complete with cosmic aspects of spiritual overtones. Of all the places on the Earth, at this most auspicious moment in history, who would choose a frozen wasteland instead of a tropical island beach? Why did we find a hot springs within the arctic circle, from which we could be “inside” the aurora borealis?

Before we went to Alaska, we had had numerous amazing encounters with the aurora borealis in Michigan. Three times we witnessed aurora phenomena that is written about in books, but rarely experienced. Occasionally, the southern end of the aurora will create a huge dish in the sky that “turns back” the terminal ends of the aurora and creates thunderous sound like explosions. When both the dish and the sound happen, you are within the field of the aurora and can hear these booms that are accompanied by a spectacular light show that is within the hemisphere of this light.

When it happened above our house, we thought explosions had gone off, so we ran outside and found ourselves in the most unusual natural phenomena imaginable. It was breath-taking, frightening, wonderful, and beautiful beyond words. We were awestruck and terrified at the same time. The sound and light show went on for what seemed a long time and it was so intense that we didn’t want to step any further towards this soft, multi-colored lightning show that had encompassed our house and neighborhood.

grail in skyAfter that particular encounter with the aurora borealis, which arose at the moment in our conversation when we were talking about the archangelic beings who appear in the aurora borealis, we wanted even more direct experiences with the magic “northern lights.” We didn’t have to wait long until we had another encounter of the colorful dish of aurora light at the southern end of the manifestation. The next “bowl of aurora” we encountered looked like a gigantic portal that catch the light and turned it around in the bowl and sent it back to the north.

We witnessed this phenomena one evening while we were driving. The burst of lightning-like color was again accompanied by sound. Generally, even people who have studied the aurora directly for a lifetime may have never “heard” the aurora. Some people have reported hearing “pops”, “hissing”, and “thunder-like” sounds, but they have seldom been recorded. We felt incredibly fortunate to have these experiences and they cemented our desire to go north and see what else the aurora borealis could bring to us.

Our further studies found that humans all exit the North Pole at night as we stream out into the solar system and move through the planetary spheres digesting the karma of the day. Thus, the ring of “cold fiery light” that does not come from the light of the sun, is a new crown of glory created by the higher thinking, feeling, and willing of humanity. Humanity’s spiritual efforts are ionized through specific elements that rise up as offerings to the gods through the aurora borealis. This happens every night as the rotating ring of the northern Aurora Borealis is reflected in the Aurora Australis at the South Pole.

It is literally true that human “light” (higher thinking), “goodness” (higher feeling), and “love” (higher willing) arise and shine like the sun at night as the gifts of humanity to the cosmos that has given us life.

This ionic wall of upward flowing substance (aurora) reflects what humanity offers to the gods as their best gifts of the day, just as the Sun itself offers warmth, light, sound, and life to all who would receive it as grace raining down from above. We, in turn, take those gifts and give them back in our own way. What a sacred honor it is to stand within the wall of this holy temple of humanity’s spiritual offerings and act as a mid-wife at the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds witnessing the birth of humanity’s higher nature.

We were humbled by the experience and the quiet power of this force of nature meeting the force of humanity’s nightly offerings to the cosmos. We believe there were a few conscious people who chose to be “fair witnesses” to this process of spiritual ascension for humanity on December 21, 2012.

We are convinced that a difference was made by all those who used this galactic moment of awareness to claim the magnificent spiritual future that awaits conscious humanity.

We felt as if we had been chosen to be witnesses to this birth of a beautiful future for evolving humanity and not an apocalyptic cataclysm, as predicted by the unimaginative pessimists.

We moved forward to the coming day of the aurora that will arise in each heart as the dawning of what will become humanity rising up to shine like a new sun glowing with the beauty and grace that we behold in the aurora.

Where did you hold consciousness on December 21, 2012? We would love to hear your story in the comment box below.

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