The Nature of Sorat the Sun Demon

The Nature of Sorat the Sun Demon

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Every level of the celestial hierarchy has beings who have resolved to remain behind normal evolution, motivated by their own selfish desires. This process of devolution is often called evil and is mistakenly assumed to work against spiritual evolution when, in fact, without this “evil” good would have nothing to “come up against” to stimulate appropriate development. These “fallen” hierarchical beings are generally called the Luciferic hosts, as described in the Christian Bible as the casting out of Lucifer from heaven. These “falls” from grace happen continuously and also can happen to humans as they “fall” from being truly human into animality or transhumanism. Some humans are also tempted by elemental beings to degenerate into animal, plant, and even mineral states of consciousness.

There is tremendous confusion about what Dr. Rudolf Steiner has said about the different types of evil that effect human development. Unfortunately, there are numerous “teachers” who spout Steiner’s indications without adequate research and study and lead people astray. Steiner’s descriptions of Lucifer, Ahriman, Asuras, and the Sun Demon Sorat (also: Sorath) have been rolled up into a ball of confusion by many who have not devoted the requisite 10-20 years of studying Steiner’s opus (over 20 books and 6,000 lectures). Often, a milquetoast version or a cartoon caricature arises that is then taught to people who are just beginning to read and study Anthroposophy, and thus many mistakes are made and nonsense is propagated as Steiner “truths.” This confusion, conflation, confabulation and nonsense has led many people to misunderstand Steiner’s wisdom. In fact, leaders in the Anthroposophical Society and authors writing books for Anthroposophic publishers are not being questioned about their personal interpretations of Steiner’s view of evil. Due to the tremendous amount of evil in the world today, this misguidance is quite dangerous to the unwitting new student of spiritual science.

We have produced intelligence reports on the nature of evil to try to rectify this impending situation, but as evil grows so does the disinformation concerning its true nature. Many pseudo-spiritual scientists are preaching their version of the nature of Lucifer and Ahriman and ignore the evil work of the Asuras and Sorat. The question of whether the being of materialism, Ahriman, has now incarnated in a human body as Steiner indicated is misunderstood. These indications are hotly debated by people who obviously have not read all that Steiner said about Ahriman. Even the human incarnation of Lucifer in China is debated and so confusing that the benefits of Steiner’s wisdom is wasted on misinterpretations of partially informed people. The misdirection of “new versions” of Lucifer and Ahriman are distracting from the more deadly and permanent effects of the Asuras who “take bites out the human being’s ego” that can never be restored. This attack is an invitation to the Sun Demon Sorat to leave the Sun and come to Earth to claim his kingdom prepared by the Asuras.

Evil hides itself purposely to try and convince humans that Evil and Spiritual Good do not exist at all. It is only logical that if Evil exists, so does Good. Unfortunately, many evil humans are happy to host the demonic intentions of the counter-evolutionary forces of the Asuras who work directly for Sorat, not Ahriman. Materialism is the new religion of science and scientists are often possessed by Ahriman and controlled by the Asuras. Scientists and doctors are actively working with evil elemental beings to create inventions that eat the soul and spirit of humans. All types of graphene oxide and polyethylene glycol have been developed by the very Federal agencies that are supposed to be focused on healing but are, in fact, consciously creating evil drugs and medical procedures that create illness and death. This scientific genocide is exactly what Steiner and other spiritual scientists have predicted will create the “war of all against all” and what we generally understand as the apocalypse, the end of evolution. These scenarios are not supposed to happen until the Moon reunites with the Earth in approximately 6,000 years.

Rudolf Steiner warned his followers numerous times that if the forces of materialism, which began in 1840, were to prevail against the forces of the spirit, the apocalypse could appear 6,000 years to early and wipe out the spiritual plan for human evolution. Many have not taken this indication seriously and therefore underestimate what we have recently seen as the global plan to hand human development over to selfish, evil beings (working through humans) whose greatest desire is to end humanity all together. Being naïve to these indications has led many to speculate that humanity is doing fine and in no danger. This is the biggest mistake that humanity collectively can make. Underestimating the power of the Asuras and Sorat leads to human extinction.

How do we counteract this overt attack? We must track the work of demon-possessed scientists and doctors and hold them accountable for premeditated mass-murder and the willful intent to exterminate most of humanity. These possessed individuals from the NIH, CDCP, Big-Pharma, and the WHO know clearly what they are doing but imagine that since they don’t take the deadly medicines, they will be the ones to inherit the world after depopulation. They have fallen prey to believing the “father of lies” that only the elite (who know the secret agenda) will be left to rule the world. These murderers will be wiped out also, just like those they targeted. Evil has no friends. Lucifer and Ahriman hate each other and cannot see the Christ, the Sun Hero who fights directly against Sorat.

Look around and you will see evil, death-dealing “inventions” and “medicines” being discovered every day and no one is monitoring the moral or immoral intent of these inventions. There are literally, thousands of evil medical treatments and scientific inventions that are made to kill humans and yet they are allowed, even though they are not “approved.” Every vaccination in America, according to the drug companies own information, is filled with poisons like graphene oxide and polyethylene glycol and many other carcinogens. Messenger RNA is only known to kill and yet the fascist World Health Organization and its global partners tried to vaccinate the entire Earth’s population with the intent of killing every inoculated “lab rat.”

Lucifer, in our time, can be found active in the astral body of humans. Taming that “Dragon” is the same mission of an initiate who is trying to tame his astral body. The astral body is the entire accumulation of the wisdom of the animal world rolled into the “paragon” of the animal kingdom – the human being. Lucifer would be happy if all humans devolved into animals through extinguishing higher developed human thinking. Lucifer infects human thinking until no life is left and human thinking becomes grey, shadow thinking that replaces healthy human thinking. Artificial intelligence is Lucifer’s thinking working with Ahrimanic machinces.

War and hatred are inspired by Lucifer to help destroy spiritual evolution through evil thinking. Ahriman, on the other hand, is found in the etheric body of the human being as entropy, gravity, illness, old age, and death. The etheric body is levity and the source of life for the human being and the Earth. Ahriman’s materialistic science leads to a cold, dark grave with no hope of an afterlife and finds its home in human feelings – cold, dead, selfish feelings. The Asuras are found outside of the human body trying to get in and destroy the eternal nature of the human ego. Thus, modern materialistic science has created substances that literally eat the eternal nature of the human being in an attempt to annihilate all humans. The Asuras were not supposed to have such power in our time, but science and medicine is ruled by Ahriman who possesses evil humans to be the conduit for new inventions that kill the human spirit. We have revealed these mechanisms in many previous intelligence reports, but few are willing to listen.

Can we stop these evil beings from bringing on the apocalypse 6,000 years early? We believe that consciousness is the most powerful tool in this battle. Bringing the true nature of evil to the attention of a few initiates is all that is necessary.

Forty-eight initiates (4 x12) becoming aware of this evil is the antidote to an accelerated time-line of human evolution that leads to destruction of the human “I Am.”

Sadly enough, two-thirds of humanity will not listen to Steiner’s indications and may be lost to this diabolic plan of evil entities. Shinning light on this nefarious plan is tantamount to defusing it. Evil cannot harm those who have Christ on the throne of their hearts. Ahriman and Lucifer cannot see Christ at all and don’t know yet that they have already been defeated if humans accept the grace, mercy, and divine plan for humanity.

Rudolf Steiner on the Nature of Sorat

Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse, Part One, Lecture I, Munich, April 22, 1907, GA 104A

The number 666, which in Hebrew letters spells “Sorat.” Sorat is also the corresponding word in Greek. Sorat has meant “Demon of the Sun” since ancient times. Every star has its good spirit – its intelligence – and its evil spirit – its demon. The adversary of the good powers of the sun is called Sorat. Christ was always the representative of the sun, namely, the intelligence of the Sun. Sorat is, then, the adversary of Christ Jesus. The sign for Sorat looks like this:

Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse, Part Two, Lecture X, Kristiania, May 19, 1909, GA 104A

When the seventh trumpet sounds forth a kind of blessed state will come upon humanity. Then we come to a repetition of the time when the sun was separated from the earth. The human being, together with the earth, will have advanced to the time when the sun again unites with the earth. The earth will pass over into what is called an astral state. Human beings able to live in the astral world will raise up the finer part of the earth and then be united with the sun. The portion of the earth that has remained coarse will be united with the moon to form a new kind of moon. The kind of conditions prevailing during the Hyperborean age will enter in again, but at a higher stage of evolution. This is characterized by the woman clothed with the sun and having the moon at her feet. The beasts that rise up out of the sea or fall from heaven also belong to this whole stream of evolution that is pictured, as if captured in a moment of time. (Rev. 12:1–13:10)

Zarathustra also referred to the Christ being, who has been working in the central regions of the earth from the event of Golgotha onward. After working on the earth from the sun in earlier times, he has united with the planet earth. It is the power of Christ that has descended from the sun and retrieved the useful part of earthly humanity, uniting it with the sun again. But he has an adversary – every such being has an adversary. Christ is the good spirit, the intelligence of the sun; the adversary is the demon of the sun. Certain forces that are constantly working on the human astral body come forth from the demon of the sun. This demon of the sun is the opponent of the Christ spirit and is called Sorat. Earlier, in cabalistic sections of occultism, the custom of writing letters with numbers prevailed. The letters of the name Sorat, the demon of the sun, have the value 666. In the picture found at Rev. 13:11 – 18 the sun demon becomes visible.

It has two horns like a lamb. The writer of the Apocalypse describes the sign of the beast. Already at the beginning of the Apocalypse he clearly stated he was describing everything in signs and then adds: Wisdom is necessary in order to solve this riddle. In this way, the number of the beast has been explained in occult schools by real experts who do not explain it materialistically. We hear how the worst and coarsest elements are thrown out and how the noblest, spiritualized portion of humanity remains united with the sun. The newly spiritualized human body can then again be a temple for the soul.

Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse, Part Two, Lecture XI, Kristiania, May 20, 1909, GA 104A

When the sun will have again united with the earth, then human beings – through the fact that they will have purified their instincts, desires, and passions – will redeem the luciferic beings. The luciferic beings who do not go on to the Sun remain in their original condition. They then appear as expelled into the evil, lower astral world. This is the ancient snake and it emerges as the first dragon. Therefore, when the earth enters the sun, a dragon appears. But there are yet other beings left behind: such human beings who could not prevent themselves from dropping back into animality, who remain slaves to their animal instincts. While the other human beings go to the sun, these will form an evil power over and against the higher. These form the second monster, and the writer of the Apocalypse says in his exact fashion: The luciferic dragon appears in heaven because he comes from higher worlds; the second beast arises from the sea — this consists of the souls of animalistic human beings who have remained behind.

We have still a third vision, that of the black magicians. They do not remain stuck in animality; they develop spiritual abilities. In full consciousness they have turned away and provide a bodily incarnation for Sorat. That will be the incarnation in flesh of the demon of the sun.

But then we see how the earth emerges from the sun yet again in the future. If the spiritual human beings were to remain united with the sun forever, then the other human beings who, without guilt, had remained behind in animality would never he saved. So, these spiritualized people come forth once more and unite with what has fallen out of evolution in an attempt to save these backward souls. When the earth began its existence as “earth” it had to briefly repeat the Saturn, Sun, and Moon conditions once again. It went through recapitulations of those conditions before it became the present-day earth. Now, when actual earth conditions prevail, it must prophetically mirror the future embodiments of Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan. In this way the earth goes through seven states during its actual earth condition. These states are usually called “rounds.” During the prophetically mirrored Jupiter state, the earth will actually unite with the sun. On this Jupiter-Earth all the great cultural ages will appear again – with the seven intervals between them – but they will be far less sharply delineated. On this Jupiter-Earth, many beings still have the possibility of being saved, even the black magicians.

This will also be the case on the Venus-Earth, when we have a sixth planetary interval. Here also the beings that have remained behind will stubbornly struggle against help; but this Venus-Earth will at last be decisive.

Then, on the Vulcan-Earth, nothing more can be saved. On the Venus-Earth the last moment for salvation has come in the last sub-epoch. That is why the ancient cabalists formed the word “Sorat,” because the number 666 is contained within it. That is also the number of those human beings who, out of their own cunning free will, have become black magicians by placing spiritual forces in the service of their own egotism.

The first dragon is not a human being. It came out of the spiritual world. The second dragon is ascribed to animalistic nature but in a fundamental sense the Bible ascribes this number of the third group to human beings. So, the number 666 is not a sign of the beast but a human number.

The Apocalypse is an outline of the whole of evolution. Venus-Earth is portrayed to clairvoyant sight in such a way that there is not much hope for those left behind. Human powers at that time will not be capable of very much. That is why everything appears so desolate and the worst vices will reign there in the most depraved ways. They must be expelled during the Venus state of the earth. On the Jupiter-Earth there are still many, many who will allow themselves to be saved and who will unite with the sun.

But during the Venus-Earth evil must be overcome and driven into the abyss; that is the “Fall of Babylon.” (Rev. 17–18) The people who have been saved can develop themselves further to a new sun state. What has been cleansed and purified will arise for the Vulcan-Earth.

Human beings today are already creative on the earth. They can force the lifeless forces of nature to serve them. They can build cathedrals, they can sculpt marble. Today they are masters of lifeless nature. Even though Raphael’s paintings of the Madonna are falling to dust, even though the external physical world is passing away, what the human being achieves in terms of art during the evolution of the earth will one day resurrect in a different form. The crystals we see today were once forms worked out by human beings during the old Moon embodiment of the earth, in a way similar to how we create and form artistically today. What the spirits once achieved in infinite ages of time now grows out of the earth; today it rises up. So, too, the matter of Raphael’s Madonnas will also rise up. In the distant future, everything that human beings now create will rise again with the brightness of crystals. The place that humanity has prepared and will find waiting is called the “New Jerusalem” by the writer of the Apocalypse. A new world will arise, inhabitable by human beings who will have achieved the requisite state of maturity. In a new state, in the Jupiter existence, they will find the place where, out of love and out of human work, peace will reign.

The Apocalypse of ST. John, Lecture XI, Nuremberg, June 29, 1908, GA 104

We have then to supply the vowels and it reads: Sorath, Sorath is the name of the Sun-Demon, the adversary of the Lamb. Every such spiritual being was described not only by name but also by a certain symbolical sign.

Now we must understand the writer of the Apocalypse rightly. At the very beginning he makes a remarkable statement, which is usually wrongly translated. The beginning of the Apocalypse runs, however “This is the revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John.” “Signified it.” By this we must understand that he gives the important, the real content of the mystery in signs. He has put that which 666 expresses in signs. What he describes is the sign, and he describes it thus (Rev. xiii. 11): “And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb.” These are nothing else than the two strokes at the upper part of the sign, and in order to conceal this he simply calls the two strokes here “horns.” It was always the case in the use of the mystery language that one uses a word in more than one sense so as to make it impossible for the uninitiated to understand without special effort. That which he describes here: “It has two horns like a lamb,” is the symbol of the sun-demon, which in the mystery language is expressed by the word “Sorath,” and this, if we convert the several letters into their numbers is expressed by the four numbers, 400, 200, 6 and 60. This is a very veiled way of expressing 666.

Thus, we see that the writer of the Apocalypse is referring to the adversary of the Lamb. When the earth passes over into the spiritual, the forms of men appear below in such a way that they receive their old animal form. The beast with the seven heads and ten horns appears. But there also appears their seducer, the adversary of Christ, who has the great power to prevent their returning to the sun. Man himself cannot be the adversary of Christ, he can only let slip the opportunity to take the Christ-principle into himself, through what dwells in him as false power; but there is such an adversary, the sun-demon. This appears as soon as there is something that can become his prey. Before the prey is there, before the men are there with the seven heads and ten horns, there is nothing to lead astray, the tempter has nothing to seek there; but when men appear with such inclination, then comes the tempter, and he appears as the second beast and seduces them!

Thus, at the moment when the earth passes over into the astral condition there appears that in man which existed in him when the earth was still clothed with a covering of water. The human animal appears. From the water one sees the beast with seven heads and ten horns raise itself. Through this human animal having left the earth unused, Sorath, the adversary of the sun, the tempter, can now arise out of the earth, through this he can approach man and tear him down with all his might into the abyss. Thus, from this time on we see a being drawing close to man, which has a fearful power! What, then, does this being do in order to lead man into the most horrible things one can think of? For man to be led into what is merely immoral, what is already known to normal man, it did not need this monster which appears as the sun-demon. Only when that which in a good sense distinguishes the beings who bring salvation to the human race, only when spiritual eminence is turned to its opposite, only when spiritual power is placed in the service of the lower “I”-principle, can it bring humanity to the point when the beast represented with two horns gains power over it. The misuse of spiritual forces is connected with that seductive power of the beast with the two horns. And we call this abuse of the spiritual power black magic, in contradistinction to its right use, which is white magic.

Thus, through the separation of the human race there is prepared at the same time the power to attain greater and greater spiritual conditions on the one hand, and thereby to obtain the use of the spiritual forces, and arrive at white magic; while on the other hand abuse of spiritual forces is a preparation for the most fearful kind of power of the two horned beast – black magic. Humanity will finally he divided into beings who practice white magic and those who practice black magic. Thus, in the mystery of 666, or Sorath, is hidden the secret of black magic; and the tempter to black magic, that most fearful crime in the earth evolution, with which no other crimes can be compared, this seducer is represented by the writer of the Apocalypse as the two-horned beast. Thus, there appears on our horizon, so to speak, the division of humanity in the far distant future; the chosen of Christ, who finally will be the white magicians, and the adversaries, the terrible wizards, the black magicians who cannot escape from matter and whom the writer of the Apocalypse describes as those who make prostitution with matter.

Hence this whole practice of black magic, the union which takes place between man and the hardening in matter is presented to him in the spiritual vision of the great Babylon, the community made up of all those who carry on black magic; in the frightful marriage, or rather, unrestrained marriage, between man and the forces of prostituted matter. And thus, in the far future we see two powers confronting each other; on the one hand those who swell the population of the great Babylon, and on the other hand those who rise above matter, who as human beings unite with the principle represented as the Lamb. We see how on the one hand the blackest ones segregate themselves in Babylon, led by all the forces opposing the sun, by Sorath the two-horned beast, and we see those who have developed from the elect, who unite with Christ, or the Lamb, who appears to them; the marriage of the Lamb on the one hand, and that of Babylon, the descending Babylon, on the other! We see Babylon descend into the abyss, and the elect, who have celebrated the marriage with the Lamb, rise to the exercise of the forces of white magic.

And as they not only recognize the spiritual forces but also understand how to operate then magically, they are able to prepare what they possess in the earth for the next planetary incarnation, Jupiter. They sketch out the great outlines, so to speak, which Jupiter is to have. We see the preparatory forms, which are to survive as the forms of the next earth incarnation, as Jupiter, come forth by the power of the white magicians: we see the New Jerusalem produced by white magic. But that which is described as Sorath – 666 – must first be expelled. That which has succumbed to the principle of the two-horned beast, and hence has hardened itself into the beast with the seven heads and ten horns, is driven forth. The power by which the sun-genius overcomes those who are expelled, which drives them down into the abyss, is called the countenance of the sun-genius and the countenance of the sun-genius is Michael, who, as the representative, so to speak, of the sun-genius, overcomes the beast with the two horns, the seducer, which is also called the great dragon. This is represented to the seer in the picture of Michael who has the key, who stands by the side of God and holds the opposing forces chained.

Thus is characterized in the Christian-Rosicrucian esotericism, the casting out of those who belong to 666, and the overcoming of the dragon, the seducer. Thus, before our gaze to-day there appears that which the writer of the Apocalypse has enveloped in mystery, which one must first discover by removing the veil, and of which he says, “Here is Wisdom.” “Let him who hath understanding count the number of the beast” (that is, the two-horned beast); “for this number is 666.”

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