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We are growing and evolving with you! What can you really say after you find rock-solid evidence that there is a global plan of genocide and that millions of people have already succumb to its lethal injections. This is why it is time to “cross the bridge” and begin preparations for what comes next for humanity. Not everyone will continue their journey with us, but if you have been with us for awhile, you will know that we have crossed many bridges along the way to get here – a place in the internet where we can prepare the Pilgrims of the Future.

You are the leaders of our new world and we want our new Cat Reports to be filled with the information you need to help your circle of influence create something new and better from the ashes and destruction that we are seeing all around us. Like many of you, we do not believe that reporting the negative news, over and over again, is bringing the positive energy we need for change. We trust that if you have made it this far, you know where to get trusted news and have a deep understanding of the world’s underbelly and rat lines.

As we move forward, our Cat Reports will post a few times a week and be a platform where we can present ideas and discussions that will help navigate the way forward. We will still discuss and present a wide range of topics from economics, gardening, spiritual, musical, and ….yes, kitties. It will still be easy to find us on the AIM app as there is now a category for the Neoanthroposophy page under the Starship icon. Plus we will still continue to post political material on our Gab site.

Let’s get started and see where the next leg of our journey takes us. Below is Thomas Schoenberger, of Cicada 3301 and Sophia Musik fame, with a beautiful piece that sets the mood for our new type of Cat Report.

Music is the key to the heart of the people


AIMCat Chris wrote: “Tyla and Douglas…Thank you for all the honesty and truth you have given me this past year and a half. Awakened to all the sinister people out there. I never trusted government. The evil you exposed to me confirms this. As I look around at my fellow man I can only shake my head in disgust to their obedience to this sham of a government. I thank you once again as I will now lean on your teachings to gain the spiritual knowledge that I will need to move forward. God Bless you both.”


The Biggest Lie You’ve Ever Been Told (This Will Change The World)


Giorgio created this “take off your mask” poster for May Day. Please distribute it as you wish.


The story of the Holy Lance is beginning to intersect with the story of Klaus Schwab – no kidding! We are just as surprised as we think you will be. Michael and the miners tell us another side of the story of the Spear of Destiny (aka, the Spear of Longinus, the Spear of Antioch, the Holy Lance of Love).


As you know, Michael and the miners do amazing research. Along with the Gabriels, Michael worked on the provenance of the Spear for a year or so and posted this piece in February 2018:

From Antioch to Ascalon – the Spear Leads Toulouse to Victories


Douglas was so enthralled with what they had discovered about the Holy Lance that he wrote this book (which is available for free as a PDF or small cost for a printed copy):

Hidden History of the Grail Queens


We left the Spear research for a few years because we became super busy with our political sleuthing and writing. When the miners were researching the piece KLAUS SCHWAB IS THE GREAT BARKER OF THE FOURTH REICH, they kept falling into the same places and seeing historical references that were in alignment with our original research of the Spear. Hmmm…


Michael set out the last few days to create this timeline of the Holy Spear that pierced the side of Christ which has been sought by rulers, popes, and dictators for over two-thousand years. This timeline is amazing!


The Holy Lance of Antioch and Klaus Schwab Connection

Fig. 5The Holy Lance of Antioch (click here for a full timeline PDF) coveted but never found by Adolf Hitler, passed through Ravensburg, Germany twice, once in ca. 1148 on its way to Alvira of Castile, the first grail queen, then again ca. Sep. 1271 for safekeeping from the French government and Pope to the Knights Templar consistory in Vienna, sent there by another grail queen—Joan, Countess of Toulouse.


Curiously, Adolf Hitler had an occult obsession with possessing the Holy Lance, sometimes called the Spear of Destiny. Hitler believed that the possessor would rule the world.

We believe that the best Hitler could do was a Class 2 relic of the Holy Lance (another spear(s) that has been in physical contact with the true lance).

We are certain that Alfonso Jordan, Raymond’s son, was bequethed the Holy Lance upon his father Raymond of Saint-Giles’ death following the First Crusade.

Alfonso Jordan helped lead the Second Crusade. We believe he entrusted the Holy Lance to fellow Crusade commander Conrad III on his death bed after being poisoned by political rivals at the beginning of the Second Crusade.

As an infant, Alfonso had been baptized in the River Jordan with his father and mother Elvira of Castile holding the Holy Lance following the capture of Jerusalem in the First Crusade.

At the end of the Second Crusade, Conrad III returned to Germany via Vienna. We believe that he entrusted the Holy Lance in Raymond’s family stewardship to the care of the Knights Templar whom Raymond had founded. It is in the Knights Templar consistory where we believe Class 2 relics of the lance were blessed for Conrad to share with his allies. This explains how multiple copies of the Spear of Destiny came into being. We believe Conrad III returned the true Holy Lance to Elvira of Castile in Northern Spain and Southern France, interestingly where the legends of the holy grail began. Perhaps they were more than legends! Eventually, we believe the Knights Templar, Raymond’s creation, were entrusted with the stewardship of the lance until they were banned by Pope Clement V in 1312. After this, the Holy Lance has been passed down to its current location.

The true Holy Lance would be a first century Roman centurion’s spear of a certain alloy (see John 19:31-34).

The relic that has emerged recently is such an object dated to that precise time. It contains a seventh century liturgical shaft carefully lashed to it that is dated to the fall of Antioch in 637.

This most holy of Christian relics was very likely buried under the altar of the Church of St. Peter for safe keeping before the fall of Antioch in 637, until it was uncovered as a result of the visions of Peter Bartholomew and the belief in the integrity of those visions by his pious leader Raymond… after which Antioch was miraculously liberated against all odds (1 Crusader for every 5 Seljuks) from Seljuk Turk Muslim rule (Jun. 28, 1098), as was Ascalon and Jerusalem subsequently.


Klaus married Hilde Stoll in Feb. 1971—just weeks after the first Davos conference. This marriage cemented interlocking Swiss-German corporate families that were an unkindness of Swiss banking and engineering industries, among them Escher-Wyss, Sulzer, Andritz, Stoll, Festo, Bank for International Settlements, MI6, CIA, Rahn and Bodmer centered on Ravens-burg, Germany.

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Ravensburg has an ancient history. Raymond of Saint-Giles marched his newly-forming army of the First Crusade through Ravensburg around 1096 when it was little more than a single castle and cluster of buildings. The Holy Lance of Antioch passed through Ravensburg twice, we believe.

Notably, after capturing Antioch in 1097, commander of the First Crusade, Raymond of Saint-Gilles, discovered the Holy Lance of Longinus on Jun. 29, 1098 at the Church of St. Peter in Antioch (where believers in Jesus Christ were first called Christians; see Acts 11:19-30). He credits the power of the Holy Lance with his subsequent victory in 1098 during the Seljuk Turk Muslim counterattack with five times more troops than the starving Crusaders who had resorted to eating their shoe leather.

The Schwab-Stoll families were steeped in the British, Jesuit, Habsburg and Merovingian controversies about blood lineage (“divine right of kings”) and papal control of banking, the Templars, Hospitallers and the Knights of Malta.

The satanist British Pilgrims Society finally gained control of Europe by funding two world wars and a Bolshevik “Revolution” to subdue or destroy the monarchies of Russia, Germany, Austria (Hapsburg), Japan, Italy, France and Spain, to be replaced by their corporatist new world order in which Stalin and Hitler cooperated in their experiments at societal reconstruction through a satanic communist corporatism.


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