Three Fields of Force

The Human Heart is a Supersensible Organ of Perception

By Douglas Gabriel

Chapter Three: Three Fields of Force

“The heart is an energy dynamo producing plasma-generated magneto-hydrodynamic force. Gratitude and love strengthen the field of force around the heart, while the opposite emotions deplete it.”  

Tyla Gabriel

To study the heart, one must also study the heart chakra and its nature. Modern science has yet to fully embrace these teachings of the ancients, though research continually affirms the axioms of ancient spiritual wisdom. Tyla Gabriel N.D. has done an excellent job of merging modern science and ancient wisdom in her trilogy entitled: The Gospel of Sophia, Volume 2, A Modern Path of Initiation. We can find few better renditions of the path of ascension that involves the chakras and their moral development than The Gospel of Sophia. We quote at length from volume 2 below.

“The ancients have always taught that the human body has different foci of energy that need to be harmonized. They believed that the unfortunate person who cannot successfully link his three morphic fields of thinking (brain), feeling (heart), and willing (lower three chakras) is doomed to mental instability, unfulfilled feelings, and incoherent behaviors.

Only through alignment of these three fields of force can the aspirant find the full potential of energy and nourishment that the human body can provide. A person in harmony with his environment can go even further, expanding his personal field of energy to encompass the entire universe.

The fields of energy can be discussed in many ways, as:

  • Energy centers of bio-electromagnetic force
  • Morally-driven spiritual chakras
  • Clusters of nerve ganglia
  • Stages of initiation
  • Stages of philosophical and intellectual development
  • Religious symbols
  • Bio-electromagnetic toroidal fields

The System of Chakras

Whatever terminology one uses to describe them, the head, heart, and lower chakras create three separate worlds that must be integrated and coherent for spiritual development. All of the images, symbols, and technical explanations agree that for health, longevity, and evolution in physical, psychological and spiritual terms, the energy centers of the body should work together in harmony. Then, the earthly and cosmic nutrition streams can feed both the gods’ and the aspirant’s spiritual needs.


Heart Chakra

The heart is the organ that produces the most energy, as measured by an EKG. Its bio-

electrical current is fifty times stronger than that of the brain, and it can be detected extending far from the body. The heart also demonstrates capacities that science calls the “little brain of the heart.” Amazingly, it gathers information, communicates, and possesses its own intelligence. We now know that the heart has the power to modulate brain activity and optimize its functioning.

When the heart and brain are working together, this is called cardiac coherence. The

brain and heart are synchronized, creating benefits in health, energy levels, and personal relationships. Emotions of the heart can trigger the release of hormones in the blood stream that produce powerful effects in the soul.


Oriental View of the Chakras


The Ancients have spoken of the Ananda Kanda or the sacred chamber of the heart. It was believed that once you connected to the flame burning in this sacred altar of your heart, you would have access to the Kalpa Vriksh or “wish fulfilling tree.”

This flame of the heart is the threefold flame or Trinity Flame. It starts from a white Mother flame and then burns as three flames. The flame in the middle is golden and represents wisdom. Once the wisdom flame has expanded, the human being knows that all the knowledge he ever needs is inside him and that the heart is his inner guru. The flame on the right side is blue and represents the masculine aspect of Divinity – God the Father or Shiva. The flame on the left is pink and represents the feminine aspect of God as Divine Mother. These three flames should be balanced and expanded for a personality to be centered. A person who is very powerful but not loving is thus unbalanced. So also a very loving person whose pink flame is dominant but whose blue flame of power is weak, will turn out to be weak.

The ideal is to have the wisdom to express love in a powerful way. That is, the golden flame gives you the wisdom as to when to allow the nurturing feminine part of you to connect to others and also when you need to allow the powerful masculine part of you to look out for the self’s needs in solitude. Life is about balancing the threefold flame, thus balancing the masculine and feminine aspects (yin and yang) in ourselves. Once the flame is balanced, it spins and shines as a white flame helping our evolution and creating a forcefield that will help in attaining enlightenment, nirvana or ascension.

Western View of the Chakras as Nerves Centers

Once you connect to your heart flame and then visualize something you want to achieve, with great intent at your third eye, your desire will manifest soon. That is why they say that if you wish for something from the bottom of your heart, it will manifest soon. The spiritual heart is just below the heart chakra. This is the nature of the wish-fulfilling stone (tree).

Babaji says, “the heart center where God resides is everywhere but is manifest in different parts of the heart area in different individuals and you have to locate it intuitively or with the help of a guru. Once you locate this center and connect to it, you know that your inner guru or God has been there all along inside your heart. You only did not see him there because you were so caught up in Maya. The guru is the inner one who shows us that we have the universe in us and all answers in us and the outer guru is but a reflection of the inner God in all our hearts.”


Head Chakra

The torus field created by the head is well known. For a long time, it was thought to be the only generator of bioelectrical energy. The cluster of nerves in the brain was assumed to be the battery, computer, and wires for the human electrical system. These older views then evolved into theories of bio-energetics, where adenosine triphosphate transfer was considered the electrical function of most every cell. Together, the body as a whole produced bio-energy.

This type of bio-energetics is now known to cause far too little energy to drive the bio-electrical functions of the brain. The ancients have always known that in the human head great forces of earthly and spiritual energy are produced and a powerful bio-electromagnetic field emanates. The head also creates a plasma generator capable of producing a tremendous amount of electrostatic and bio-electromagnetic energy that extends a far distance from the body. Still, the human heart is more powerful than the brain, for it can override and entrain the brain to its own rhythms.


Lower Chakras – Metabolic System

The bio-electromagnetic fields generated in heart and head also connect with the foundational energies arising in the lower abdomen from the lower chakras:

  • Hara chakra (just below the naval)
  • Sex chakra (gonads or ovaries)
  • Foundation chakra (sacrum/tail bone)

In Kundalini yoga, it is believed that at the tip of the spine a fiery pit gives rise to the serpent power (kundalini). This energy travels up the spine through the six other chakras to the brow chakra, where a hooded serpent is located in the central spot — the “third eye” on the forehead.

Often misunderstood, this lowest center of energy generation is attributed to either the sex drive or the center where chi energy is created, or at the bottom tip of the spine where it is said Kundalini as a fiery serpent lies coiled and ready to rise. In Tibetan Buddhism, the three lowest chakras are grouped together as one chakra with sixty-four petals. From this combined chakra, energy arises.

Just as a type of calcium can form in the pineal gland that causes a lack of energy or even death, so, too, in the lowest chakras energy can be turned in the wrong direction to cause harm and destruction to the spiritual aspirant who uses it for personal gain. Misdirected foundational energy can lead to selfish expressions of the human ego. Sexual energy can turn the greatest human power into the grossest, and chi energy can digress into many forms of violence. If an aspirant has not learned to curb lower desires, then this center will not produce enough energy to fire the heart into “cooking” sense impressions into spiritual insight, wisdom, and nourishment for the gods.


A Cup of Golden Light


In terms of how these three chakras work together, modern paths of initiation begin in the heart. The fiery moral forces of the lower chakras feed the fire in the heart so that it may begin to “rarify” sense perception and the environmental elements that humans consume as nourishment. Once the heart has aligned its moral force with those of the throat, brow, and crown chakras, the spiritual world lights up the plasma generator in the brain and creates endless energy for all of the nerves, or chakras.

Here is how it works.

  • Particle stream. A continuous stream of heated etherized particles rises from the heart, through the throat chakra, the brow chakra, and then to the crown chakra. These particles feed the plasma generator in the head.
  • Refinement. Etherized particles of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium,and silica become ionized and rarified in a specialized breathing process that tempers them into more refined elements.
  • Brain sand. The elements feed the pineal gland the material needed to transform calcium into calcium carbonate crystals, which are then deposited in the pineal gland as brain sand.
  • Piezoelectrical potential. Once the calcium carbonate crystals of brain sand are available in the pineal gland, it may become highly charged with piezoelectrical potential.
  • Torus field. In the region from the fourth ventricle of the brain, where the pineal is located, to the third ventricle, exists a space the ancients call the “grail,” or “cup of golden light.” Filled with fluid, the third ventricle sits in the middle of the brain, surrounded by the lateral ventricles (first and second) above and around the limbic system. Bio-electromagnetic fields of energy from the brain stem surround it, creating a magnetic field required for a plasma generator.
  • Electrification. As the bio-electrical and magnetic potential of the pineal gland discharges through the middle of the third ventricle and then onto the pituitary gland, a direct current electrifies the torus field in the head. The bio-electrical potential for this low-temperature plasma generator is sparked from the pineal gland’s silica-based positive potential to the pituitary’s calcium-based negative potential. The calcium carbonate crystals inside of the pineal “reach out” to connect with the calcium potential of the pituitary and a circuit is closed, creating the stream of electrostatic and bio-electromagnetic energy needed to drive this toroidal field of energy.
  • Golden light. The ancients described this phenomenon as a spark of lightning jumping across the cup of golden light, thereby creating the nourishment of warmth, light, sound, and life – a type of holy grail.
  • Nerve honey. Golden light feeds the nervous system via the posterior half of the pituitary through excretions called nerve honey, or heavenly dew (pituitrin). This heavenly dew also was called the waters of life, nerve fluid, manna, and the comforter. This super-charged golden light also feeds the front half of the pituitary, which then sends the heavenly dew into the blood stream, causing a harmonizing effect.

The ancients believed that the human head was the most perfect and finished aspect of the body and that great mysteries and secrets lie hidden in the brain. Nourishment from the brain is one aspect of the mechanism, while nourishment from the heart is another aspect. For the full potential of the human to shine forth, the two torus fields of heart and head must be harmonious. This type of heart-mind matrix can bring the feeling of the heart into the brain, which then nourishes the blood and nerves through the processes described above. The lower chakras work as the foundational elements for the higher and are instrumental to the process.

The challenge with the threefold system of energy created by the human is that it is easy to produce, but not as easy to synchronize and cohere. The correct alignment and use of these three fields of forces constitutes a key factor in human spiritual evolution. The more consciousness we bring to the process, the more energy we can produce.


Plasma Generators in the Human Body 

Modern technologies of energy production called magneto-hydrodynamic generators can provide a functional example of how the earthly and cosmic nutrition streams and the etherization of the blood occurs in the human body, and, consequently in one’s own spiritual development. Plasma generators are some of the most powerful direct current generators in use today. To produce direct current, the generators stream a heavy-metal impregnated gas/plasma (a conductor) across an open magnetic gap. In a closed system these generators will keep going once started and continue as long as the magnetic field holds and the gas/plasma keeps passing over the gap in the magnetic field.

Magneto-hydrodynamic generators are capable of transforming thermal energy and kinetic energy directly into electricity. Likewise, the magnetic energy of larger systems such as the earth and sun are generated in a similar fashion.


The circulation of the blood throughout the body by the beating heart produces enough kinetic energy to establish a field of magnetic force in and around the heart and torso. As the blood stream passes through the heat of the lung/blood exchange, the presence of iron and other metals establishes the metallic fluid necessary to create this MHD dynamo. Blood also acts like a gas.

Near the heart is a flame about the size of a human thumb. A small furnace driven by the breathing process. The little flame arises from the interaction of the lung passing the warmth of oxygen to the heart. When the heat from the lungs creates this flame between the lung and heart, the metal-laden gas of the blood flows through this gap. Here, direct electrical current is established. Both electrostatic and electromagnetic forces create a torus of energy in a coherent field of bio-electromagnetic energy.

The energy created by this human MHD generator is far beyond the previous attempts to explain bioenergetics as a simple transfer of cellular energy. The human heart creates a field of magnetism that extends up to fifteen feet. This energy field is basically the center of three fields of force: one in the heart, one in the brain, and one that extends from the combined three lower chakras.

These centers of energy production in the brain, heart, and lower abdomen relate to soul capacities that also find their centers of activity in these three areas. Thinking finds its home in the brain, feeling in the heart, and willing in the three lowest chakras.

It only takes modern science to examine the three centers of vital forces (thinking, feeling, and willing) to reveal a wealth of information about the resonant fields of morphic energy that are created by these plasma generators. Still little understood by science, the three centers generate a tremendous amount of energy. Although scientists may use instruments to determine accurate measurements of this energy, they still have not yet discovered its source and nature.

Interestingly, these fields of force have been found to resemble the Van Allen belts of the earth that create and maintain the magnetic fields of the globe. These donut-shaped fields of force are called toroidal fields, which are the key mechanisms for thinking, feeling, and willing. When activated by consciousness through practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer, or contemplation, these forces evolve to become the spiritual forces of Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition.

Here is the key: the processes whereby these toroidal fields of force come into being and are sustained are directly connected to the earthly and cosmic nutrition streams. They constitute the manifested energy that arises from the expansion of consciousness. When nourished properly, both physically and spiritually, these force fields are potentially unlimited, giving the aspirant the ability to attain unlimited spiritual power.

Here is the key: the processes whereby these toroidal fields of force come into being and are sustained are directly connected to the earthly and cosmic nutrition streams. They constitute the manifested energy that arises from the expansion of consciousness. When nourished properly, both physically and spiritually, these force fields are potentially unlimited, giving the aspirant the ability to attain unlimited spiritual power.

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel



The Gabriels created a protocol called the ASCEND diet to help you connect these two streams – the earthly and cosmic. We hope that over the years that you have come to know us in our writing and speaking from this channel to the American Intelligence Media, you will see us as a living example of how human beings can ASCEND.

Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Stream

This is what the globalists did not want humanity to know and why humans have been suppressed for centuries. We tried to explain this to in 2014 with our Gospel of Sophia books, but so many people around the world were fast asleep in their Tavistock brainwashing that we had to enter into lower vibrations of politics and economics, YouTubing and blogging, to reach into your dimming consciousness and begin to gently awaken you.

All we needed were 48 enlightened human beings to fully realize this message in order to change the world. We hit our goal, plus many more.



The heart is an amazing organ. As it opens, you will begin to perceive a world that you never knew was around you. Like a person who might be given sight or hearing for the first time and sees and hears things never experienced; those sights and sounds were always there, but the person didn’t have the proper organ of perception.

Gabriel’s Horn is what you perceive once your heart begins to experience the vibrations of a higher dimension.



Gabriel’s Trumpet


Douglas Gabriel has written a book about the heart, entitled The Human Heart is a Supersensible Organ of Perception, which we are releasing section by section until complete. Below are the chapters released so far. You can also access the chapters by typing “The Human Heart” in our search bar and all of the posts will be displayed.


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