The World is Awakening

Will writes us:

I’m the brother of a very dear lady, who you know well, in NZ.

Thank you to you and the wonderful team which you have supporting you, for all the amazing stuff you come up with. Your ‘miners’ are absolutely ‘TOPS” for the efforts, you all, provide us woken (hopefully) people, from all around the planet.

Many years ago, I used to think my sis was (in a loving way) whacko, but it’s thankfully contagious. 🙂 I have little to do with other people (by choice) but the ones I do know, love and communicate with, I share much of what I learn, primarily from this treasured web site. It’s so full of data which is undeniable.

T H A N K Y O U S I N C E R E L Y for your amazing contribution to our magnificent planet and its inhabitants (the woken, the waking and those who we hope, will start to stir and wake before too long.

Bless you and may you stay safe & in best of health ALWAYS !

Our reply: Wow…Douglas and I were just speaking about her tonight over dinner before I read this note. I don’t want to email her or communicate for obvious reasons. It’s very dangerous and we must protect our important spiritual “assets” – those among us who are the 48. You have an amazing sister who was WOKE many years ago. She agreed to keep the lights on in the Southern hemisphere as I went to sleep and then we reversed duty 12 hours later. Her beautiful greenstone from her farm stays in my Answer Room. And, of course, she was one of the first to connect your area of the world with the sigils.

Together, Helen and I have held a candle onto truth for the years that it took you, Will, to arrive here with us now in full consciousness of where we are leading humanity.

Let’s roll.


This beautiful greenstone comes from Helen and Brian’s farm. Brian polished it to perfection and embossed a beautiful gold leaf insignia to represent the Triple Goddess Sophia.


Then, Helen went to Einseideln with a friend sometime in 2015, 16? (I can’t recall the year) to give offerings to the Black Madonna on behalf of sisters (who can be brothers, too) of Sophia who were awake to the changes happening on the planet. We began a global prayer circle and asked light workers to join us. And have you noticed? Every day is getting closer to truth and light.

We are the only ones standing in the way of our full awakening.