Will I be with my family after death?

We received this question from Vincent:

“I am having trouble with my faith… I was an atheist until recently, then I turned Christian about a year ago. You guys both are sooooo knowledgeable on everything including faith…. my question would be, is there an after life.? And will I be able to be with my family in the after life.? I heard many spiritual videos you posted but I always have questions. I honestly feel very lost on what to believe. I have 3 kids and a fairytale marriage… my biggest fear is dying and never seeing them ever again s please please help! Thank you so much for everything you guys do!”

Our reply:

This was such a good question that we recorded our answer in the audio below.

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Most spiritual training in this life is done to prepare for what we will experience on the other side of the threshold, either through death, sleep, or the processes of initiation.
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