Crystals Hold Secrets of the Akasha

I have mined crystals and diamonds in Arkansas, garnets and emeralds in North Carolina, and searched most every gem and mineral shop in America like a rock-hound looking for the perfect jewel of the crown. I have bought what seemed to be a lump of iron slag for five dollars that was actually a palladium meteorite worth thousands of dollars– once it was buffed and polished. Over the years, I amassed an impressive collection of rare and wonderful stones, crystals, minerals, and metals from all over the earth, each one a unique window into the soul of nature.

I have a love of high-quality quartz crystal that began with my grandfather’s garden that was decorated with large quartz clusters from the mines of the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas. Grandpa used to fill his pick-up truck with fantastic quartz clusters while visiting his relatives in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a national park with a great number of “bath houses” that use the hot water that bubbles up from the many springs around the city. It is this same hot spring water that helped create the world-famous, clear quartz crystal that is found throughout this area.

crystal 2

When Grandpa was a young boy, he hid in the cargo hold of a Greek ship and came to America with twelve dollars in his pocket. He hitch-hiked to Hot Springs, Arkansas to live with his uncle who had a push-cart candy business in the national park. He fell in love with the area and always returned to soak in the hot springs and gather crystals from the local miners.

Eventually, Grandpa became a wealthy restaurateur, farmer, cattleman, and city leader who had a large home at the edge of town. He had a “green-thumb” and spent his spare time building a spectacular flower garden that was also filled with crystals embedded throughout the flower beds and sculpted niches in the walls of a grotto. In his garden was a cave with a small stream flowing out of it into the surrounding gardens and rock grottoes sculpted into the landscape. On the inside of the cave, and the rock walls around it, he cemented clusters of crystals until the cave itself looked like a crystal geode with water flowing from it.

Around the outside of the crystal cave, was a wall of flowers interspersed with giant quartz crystal clusters cemented into the cave wall with sculpted bowls holding beautiful flowering plants hanging down in tapestries of blossoming colors filled with intoxicating fragrances. He had diverted the stream into the garden and had endless water for the plants and the ivies that grew like a tropical jungle all around this mystic cave and its grottoes filled with flowers.

crystal 1

I loved to crawl into the cave and lie in the shallow stream surrounded by the magical crystal grotto Papa had made with such loving care. My greatest regret in life is that I do not have clear memories of my grandfather, this incredible Greek immigrant who stands as a legend in my mind. I have been told many stories about his unique character and his courageous actions. Undoubtedly, he was a great man who touched the lives of everyone he met. My father teared up every time I asked about Papa and he would say that he died of a broken heart, but he would never say what broke his heart.

My dad told me many times the following story. When I was only a few days old, Papa took me on his lap and bounced me up and down and played with me for a long time, which was very unusual because Papa didn’t “tend” children much; he left the little ones to the women to deal with. But he took a great interest in me and was heard to say repeatedly that he could now die in peace because this baby had come into the world to take his place. Papa died unexpectedly of a heart attack, though he had no history of heart problems. Sadly, Papa had to leave his crystal cave and gardens to be tended by others who did not have his devotion for such things.

I loved my grandfather for many reasons and I feel I have inherited his love for crystals and nature. This love led me to Arkansas as soon as I could drive a car. I became friends with all the old crystal miners at Mount Ida and Jessieville and became close friends with the Coleman family, who own the biggest mines in Arkansas.

crystal 4


Since I was quite sensitive from birth, I could “hear” crystals and distinguish the size and nature of crystals even while they were still in the ground. I could also distinguish between single, double, and multi-terminated crystals which helped the miners determine what to dig up next for better profits. I helped Arkansas crystals become a big deal in the 70s by driving coast-to-coast selling crystals to bookstores, vegetarian restaurants, and jewelry stores. For decades I would visit Hot Spring, Arkansas each summer and buy loads of crystals and sell them as I traveled throughout America visiting the national parks.

I was one of the first people to show others that crystals can heal through frequency emissions – piezoelectric energy – 32,768 vibrations per second. Much of modern technology, radio frequency broadcasting, and quartz-based clocks are dependent upon these consistent vibrations. Squeezing and warming a crystal, by holding it, amplifies this energy emission which creates even more health-giving ions. I could see, hear, and feel this energy quite distinctly throughout my life – perhaps due to spending so much time in Papa’s crystal cave. Therefore, I could help the miners find crystals and get the best double-terminated crystals into the market, so they could be used for healing.

I love crystals and used to be called the ‘Merlin of Crystals.’ I had many encounters with gnomes and elementals as the miners would open a new cave and the blue flashing light would fill the air with a living presence. I have been fortunate enough to have collected master crystals all my life and have used them for healing purposes. We also made amazing jewelry with crystals and amassed a dragon’s lair of precious stones that we use to help others understand their healing capacities.

voyage to arcturus.jpg

In all my travels and mining I had never come across a stone that displayed the inner life of Mother Nature Herself. But one day, I found a novel in a bookstore by the fantasy writer David Lindsay called, A Voyage to Arcturus. It was this book that inspired C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien to write fantasy and imaginative stories.

I came to love Lindsay’s books and most especially enjoyed his book, The Devil’s Tor. This book tells a tale of two intrepid adventurers who accidentally stumble into a Tibetan monastery before the Chinese invasion and find a magical stone on the altar. This stone, when starred at, begins to move and respond to the mind of the person holding it.

The adventurers were intrigued with this stone that appeared to have a moving picture weaving in its brecciations of golden hues against a dark blue background. The adventurers were solid believers in scientific dogma that marginalizes such atavistic fantasies, so they had trouble integrating what their eyes saw and their mind comprehended.

Later, the adventurers are given that very stone by a fleeing monk who is trying to protect the stone but is killed before their eyes by Chinese soldiers. The men eventually separate but protect the stone from numerous thieves and return to England where a small earthquake on one of the men’s property opens a subterranean temple where an ancient altar held another stone much like the first one they carried out of Tibet. When the two stones were put together, they began to display images from history in the scenes appearing on the shimmering surface of the stones. A specific scene of ancient history plays out on the stones in the hand of the adventurer who owned the land where the altar was discovered. He finally realizes that the people he sees in the enactment of a historical battle in the scenes on the stone are the very people he knows in the little village surrounding the Tor where he found the second stone.

The gentleman adventurer is profoundly moved when he reflects on the fact that perfect timing had to happen for him to bring back the first stone from Tibet just in time for the earthquake to reveal the second piece of the broken stone. He realizes that the king and queen appearing in the scenes on the stones is, in fact, himself and his beloved joined again together like the magic stones. This book is a beautiful, modern fairy-tale that confirms the higher reality that love can continue from life to life. It was a lovely story that merges reality and the realms of faeries and elemental beings and enkindled my thoughts about the life and memory that might exist in a stone, a rock, a crystal.

crystal 5

The story of the magical Tibet stones was simply a fantasy until one day I reached down and picked up a stone that was a small globe that was gold, blue, red and white; as I held it – it came alive. Not alive like an opal shimmering with pastel rainbow colors, nor the sheen of tiger’s eye turning from dark to light as you move it back and forth, nor the radiant burst of rainbow beams that shoot out from a diamond; no, it was alive. It was a living being like nothing I had ever seen before.

Even when gnomes leap around for long minutes after a huge crystal cave is opened, they settle down after a while and hide from human sight, especially adults, who are so ‘sure they don’t exist.’ No – a different type of alive. Alive like a snake that keeps slithering away. Alive like something that doesn’t want to be held. Alive, like a being that doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Later, I found out that this type of stone was only found in 1964 for the first time in history and was found at the same time in two places, Namibia and China. The farmers that came across the outcropping of unusual stone were plowing their fields and accidentally came upon them. Neither farmer was looking for rocks and their land had never produced such a find before. This mysterious stone arose in history out of the blue in very unusual circumstances and is quite rare. Perhaps humans were not ready to have this type of stone before that time and now a new gift from the mineral kingdom was being offered up for those who would notice.

This type of “living rock” had come out into the market with a bang, much like other new crazes in crystals and minerals that appear in cycles. At first, they are rare, expensive, and hard to find and the “psychics” tell people what properties the new stone possesses, helping to enhance the new fad. Then, the new stone floods the market, the price plummets and the Brazilian stone cutters fashion it into every shape and bead imaginable. After a couple of years, the new stone or crystal becomes common and the glass-makers replicate it so well that you can hardly tell the difference between real and man-made, while the elemental beings cringe. But this living stone was so rare it was only on the market for two years with very limited availability. Now, you can’t find a piece anywhere because the two places on earth it was found have now run out and there is no more anywhere. 


crystal 7 .

This ‘living stone’ was peculiar in that it did not follow the normal pattern of “newly discovered” minerals, crystals, and stones. The best quality cuts were so rare that they never hit the market at all. The crystal dealers only had the cheap, low-grade quality stones and most rock-hounds have never seen the finer, exquisite pieces that are so unique they take your breath away. As a matter of fact, that is what these precious pieces do to you – they take your breath away and use it to bring movement into the landscape of the stones image structuring capacities.  The stone interacts with your energy. The more you look, the more the scene changes and becomes a miniature replica of whatever you are thinking about.

As you look at this living stone, your most intimate questions rise from your desires that create the backdrop of your conscious mind and slowly take shape and begin to move in the stone’s shimmering images. As you focus harder, the entire image draws you into a new, three-dimensional atmosphere complete with ground, sky, and horizon. You can look all around the landscape, and through the movement in the images of the stone you travel through the environment with mountains in the distance and rivers flowing by. Before your eyes arise the images and forms of your innermost dreams and hopes. Space becomes a projection of your desires as time answers your inquiries by showing you living imaginations in the flowing pictures on the stone. It seems that all that ever was, is, or will be is frozen in this stone and is melting before you like a painting that is alive and conscious, reacting to your every thought.

Handling this wondrous piece of nature, causes your hidden fears and doubts to also arise. These fears reside on the other side of the mountain ranges shown in the rock’s images, but they are reachable if you desire to follow that path. Your hopes and dreams can also come true in this mystic realm and your wishes lie just around the next corner as you travel in any fashion and form that you desire. Even the lives of all your ancestors have been whirled into this infinite space where there are forces focused like a prism, splitting light into its constituent parts. It is a lens that can see any time or place and then transport you there.

All human dreams, desires, and deeds telescope into this swirling vortex of everything and nothing, rhythmically generating the pulsing patterns that spring forth from the fountains of creation. All around this fiery wall of color is the active dark curtain that hides the resting place of creation – the death of matter that becomes the womb that births new worlds. Light and dark endlessly dance the spell of birth, death, and rebirth – the source of the Mothers – the light before the dawn, the aurora of life.

I reeled back from the first look into this morphing globe of magic and knew that I must gather as much of this “talking stone” as I could find. I started immediately by buying two spheres and two pear-shaped stones of this intriguing substance that seemed to defy the laws of physics. I asked the attendant what the stone was and what it was good for, in terms of healing. She told me its story and said that clairvoyants say it is the most psycho-active of all stones and is good for contacting the Akashic Records. I knew then, I was doing the right thing by deciding to study this stone and its extraordinary attributes. I rushed home to start my investigations.

crystal 9

The first thing I discovered was that the source of light controls what you see in the stone. The stone shimmers on its own and moves about in unpredictable patterns that respond to the source of light. As I rotated the stone, it seemed that the images constantly changed, and you never came back to the starting point. This was amazing. I had never seen anything seem to defy rationality so simply and thoroughly. I showed others these phenomena, but they were unimpressed and uninterested. I, on the other hand, was amazed at the lack of wonder and awe that exists in a mind brainwashed by materialistic science. It seemed as if people were blind to what they were seeing with their own eyes.

The more I studied the effects of the stone, the more I thought the images reminded me of burning fire, billowing clouds, and flowing water. I equate the sense impressions arising from these seemingly three-dimensional images to the experience of the aurora borealis as it moves and weaves through the sky. Some seemingly invisible but living force is dancing before you and a “conversation” seems to be taking place between the images and the observer. But in the stone, the conversation is between your inner mind and the reaction in the stone’s images. It is akin to watching clouds turn into shapes that you are generating in your imagination – it is hard to tell who is creating what. I imagine the pictures to be like the archetypes of the philosopher Plato that are constantly moving and changing and are the primal creators of all forms in the world.  Roll all three of those into one, aurora/archetype/cloud-formations, and you will sense what I did in the first observations of this mysterious substance.

In my experiments with the stones, I soon found out that sun-light, moon-light, and candle-light made the images more alive, volatile, and subject to the inner thoughts and desires of the person holding them. Soon, I set up a space with candles all around the room, creating many sources of light. This idea was the right path to understanding the creation of the images on the stone’s surface. Each light helped create deeper layers of depth perception in the world appearing on the stone. As I entered in the images, a three-dimensional world started to wrap around me and remain stationary. That change of perspective produced the ability to move about in the environment I had “dreamed” or “imagined” into existence. I could stand at the battle field of Thermopolis or Waterloo seeing the scene come into focus around me. It was as if I were there myself. At first, I could only vaguely see general motions, like ink on water, but after I learned to completely clear my mind of stress I could see the figures begin to move slowly and come into view until I found myself there amid the scene.

Of course, I had to ask myself if I had become obsessed with my experiments. Again, and again, I plunged into the research with different stones of different sizes and shapes, and I kept notes of what I learned. I found it easiest to focus on scenes of my own life that I half-remembered but wanted to remember better. Each detail eventually came into clear definition and I could then see the things my memory had forgotten. I could even sense what the others in the scene were thinking and feeling and I understood how my actions affected them in the moment and in the long-run.

After much practice, time would telescope until it was easy to move between scenes and different times in history. The scenes seemed like dreams that responded to the dreamer’s wishes. Anything I wanted or desired to do or see came rolling up before me like a genii had magically called it forth. Both happy and sad scenes appeared that might be terrifying or beautifully peaceful. Each scene revealed new parts of myself that I had never imagined. There were fairytale-like lands where I was a grand king, or a wise wizard easily created by directing my will-power through living imaginations.

.crystal cave.

Inspiring beautiful places often arose in the stone’s images as I took refuge and solace in peaceful valleys beside lazy rivers or near beautiful pools of rushing water under waterfalls streaming down from tall mountains. I could ride swift-racing horses fleet as the wind or attend magnificent celebrations and feasts galore. But there were those moments when I faced the three-headed dog of hell and smelled the terrible stench of burning and rotting flesh that blows up from the torturous realms below. I had to courageously face the many times I had failed in life by commission or omission, as well as the moments of victory and grace. I saw the damage I had done to others through their eyes and knew that even my good intentions may have caused suffering for others. I was overwhelmed with a sense of complete ignorance of life around me and the thoughtless way I traveled through life satisfying my every selfish need.

When I finally learned to travel to where and when I pleased, I spent time with Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and was humbled into silence. I asked Socrates my questions and found enough strength to look towards the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I was renewed in my commitment to slay ignorance with wisdom and turn kindness into a force of industry. I redoubled my efforts to wake up in the moment and pay attention to life and others. I resolved to listen more than speak, to love more than be loved, to courageously help all those in need. But in the end, I was thrown back by the guardians at the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds. I realized that I should work on myself and eradicate my personal desires from the questions I asked the stones. I knew that I should accomplish more good in the world before requesting more answers from the stones I had come to call – the akashic rocks. I finally understood that it was the questions of others, not my own questions, that I should bring to the votive stones.


It took years of reflecting on what I had seen in the stones before I renewed by research. By then, I had been a teacher for years and was married and had four children. Everything had changed. The insatiable drive of my early years had tempered to a phlegmatic languishing in the beautiful cave of marvels we had amassed over the years. We had everything and more. My insatiable desires lessened until only a few feelings of needing to wrap up my karmic gifts to my children remained. I had written books filled with the wisdom I gleaned from the stones and as far as I could tell, I had learned to tame my desires to some degree.

It was then that the stones called to me again. But this time, I was not seeking quick enlightenment or a tremendous scientific discovery that would make me famous; I was simply enjoying every part of life and its place in the cosmos. Therefore, an appropriate place for these magical stones needed to be found. A true understand and a rightful relationship to the wisdom inherent in these akashic (wisdom) rocks needed to be created and clearly set forth as a record and a witness.

I picked up a magical stone, an akashic rock that I had originally found and used to research the question of the nature of the Akashic Records and decided to begin again. Much to my surprise, Ervin Laszlo had recently written a book wherein he describes a new theory of everything based upon zero-point physics that describes how all matter captures a living image of everything round itself and records every occurrence in its environment. This was, in effect, the experience I had with the stones.

Laszlo, a modern scientist, tells us that the Akashic Records do exist and record everything in our environment and can be accessed by consciously delving into matter. I was amazed. I guess I needed to wait decades for science to explain what I had experienced all those years ago. Finally, I believed that I was not crazy and imagining the things I had seen. But what truly slayed me in what zero-point physics explained was that any object could just as easily reveal the same secrets as the seemingly magical stones I had worked with had done. The only thing keeping it from happening was me and my lack of imaginative perception to see matter for what it is – spirit that has slowed down but still remembers its home.

I approached the stones in a different fashion once I had the revelation that all matter is alive and remembers. I no longer needed to treat the stones like they were an exception or magical; I treated them as if they were as wondrous as every other creation of nature.

After many decades of collecting rocks, minerals, and crystals I began again examining the akashic rocks from many points of view and eventually realized that they must be either phosphorescent or radioactive. Upon further scientific analysis it was found that the stones were slightly radioactive. In my mind, this helped explained the phenomena that I had experienced so long before in my experiments. The stones were stripping my own DNA, the memory body of collective humanity, through radioactivity and interacting with my eyes in some unexplained fashion. I theorized that my cells were breaking down and revealing their secrets through my ego-projection onto the stones. It seemed clear to me that the magic of these akashic rocks were quite real and quite simple, even though I did not understand the mechanism. An invisible force, radioactivity, was making visible to my imagination the history written in my own genes. DNA itself also holds the memory body of humanity and can be the catalyst itself for the type of memory we can access inside our body through organic functions.

Every cell with DNA has this akashic ability to remember if we could perceive it with new organs of perception. Every substance on the earth is alive and remembers the home it came from if we could perceive with the new supersensible organs given to us by the spirit of life.