Do You Know How to Use Sigils?

Once people hear about our Qube and the effects of the Answer Room, they typically ask how they can get a Qube for their personal use. When we first started our project, we had the idea that every home, classroom, or special place could be outfitted with a Qube. Over time, however, we felt that the typical system of commercialization would not be appropriate for the Qube. Instead, we kept asking ourselves the question, “How can we make this free and abundant to anyone, anywhere?”

Hence, the development of sigils that anyone reading our website or this article can download and use for free. Sigils (pictured below) are two dimensional representations of the multi-dimensional antenna located inside of the Qube. The Qube and sigil resonate at the same frequency even though the sigils are two dimensional and the Qube is three dimensional and becomes a four-dimensional analog by becoming a tesseract.

There are so many uses for the sigils and the best part is that the more of us that use them in full consciousness, the stronger the compounding of its vibration becomes. And because it is a scalar wave it bounces off the atmosphere and returns to its source, having created a continuum of the scalar “carrier” frequency.  The effect of the Qube is world-wide because we connected it to tuned Tesla plate antennae for stronger propagation. Thus, any sigil anywhere in the world joins the frequency and builds the elemental force of coherence.

Our website provides useful tips on how to use sigils to enhance your living space, and you are welcomed to print as many stickers as you like, or draw, carve, or sculpt them in any fashion that seems right for you. We also ask users to increase the resonance of sigils world-wide by attaching sigils to sacred places in their community or in their travels so that the resonance of the sacred place is shared with all sigil users. Your sacred place may be a favorite inspirational book or picture, a discreet place in a famous chapel, or a place in nature that is special to you. In this way, users receive the beneficial energy of the Qube and also give back their blessings to all sigil users around the world.