The Eternal Ethers: A Theory of Everything

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The Eternal Ethers: A Theory of Everything

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The mysterious and often hidden nature of the ethers are revealed in this one-of-a-kind manuscript. Douglas Gabriel brilliantly presents a Theory of Everything that encompasses a wide variety of spiritual teachings from ancient Indian sacred beliefs to classical Greek philosophies, from the voice of ancient gods to modern scientific theories. The ethers were called the tattvas in the Hindu pranayama teachings, quintessence in Aristotle’s scientific philosophies, the ether by Newton, and the luminiferous ether by Einstein.

EternalEthers_CoverThese seemingly magical ethers are the component parts of creation that exist as the foundation of all space and are the eternal mechanisms that create life. The theories concerning the seven ethers are, for the first time, compiled and explained in The Eternal Ethers as a comprehensive Theory of Everything that effects every atom and molecule in the universe. Often, limited scientific theories will only uncover one or a few of the seven ethers, not the complete set of seven and their eternal cycle manifested in everything from the planets to the stages of human growth and development.

The spiritual scientific understanding of the ethers, given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and refreshed and refined by Gabriel, brings the best of the ancient and modern together in a clearly understandable fashion and shows the connections between the ethers and the human etheric body.  To truly see the ethers as a comprehensive theory that explains creation, destruction, and rebirth requires insight and spiritual scientific imagination that can create new icons that embody these fundamental forces that create the miracle of life.

Understanding the Ethers


Secret of Ethers