Tree of Life and Inedia

By Douglas Gabriel

Stigmata, revelation (apocalypse), possession, and hauntings have much in common and are simply a matter of whether the person affected is accessing the Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. There are seven ethers, two of which comprise the chemical and life ether that have fallen to earth (Tree of Knowledge) and two others, unfallen chemical and life ether, are still raying in from the cosmos (Tree of Life).

There is much confusion regarding these matters because, until now, they have remained a secret of the mystery schools that draws the distinction between Christ (Lord of the Beings of Form who donated the human ego) and Ahriman (a fallen or retarded Being of Form who is actively working through the realm of the Archangels). This confusion is well founded because both the Tree of Knowledge (past) and the Tree of Life (future) look alike and initially consist of the same essential substance.

For instance, many people believe spiritual substance and beings live the inner layers of the earth. This is not quite correct. Christ, who descended into the core of the earth, has established a golden core that is much like the core of the Sun, Christ’s true throne of activity.

Christ redeemed the inner layers of the earth, but evil is still rampant there. Likewise, the Etheric Christ lives in the super-etheric layers that wrap around the earth and atmosphere like wings. Christ holds His temporary “court” in this realm, surrounded by the communion of saints, those perfected aspects of humanity that become the template for humans to use to advance spiritually. Christ’s perfected bodies are there and multiplied endlessly for worthy souls who can rise up to them.

The Tree of Life feeds this realm from the cosmos and it is becoming a new star, birthed from the Earth’s spiritual deeds offered by pious and pure souls to the spiritual world. Human hearts also glow with this same spiritual light.

Chemical (sound) ether and life (word) ether will someday be directly ingested as spiritual food and drink, the nectar and ambrosia of the spiritual world. This will happen for humanity in the far future when spiritualized humans rise up above the atmosphere and directly experience the chemical and life ether that comes from the sun. At this point of our evolution, the atmosphere screens solar rays that admit the parts of the sun we call warmth and light ether. Presently humans would be burnt alive if the solar rays were not screened by the ozone and the atmosphere.  And even this light ether is not pure sunlight.

The question of people who do not eat is complex in that it could originate from a variety of reasons. Most people imagine that permanently fasting is a spiritual endeavor and the abstainer somehow derives nourishment from “higher” spiritual sources. This would only be true if the person were spiritually strong enough to take part of their constitution (astral or etheric body) into the purified realms of the super etheric where higher spiritual beings reside.

If the abstainer is developed enough, this endeavor has been known to manifest as a soul apocalypse like St. John the Divine describes in Revelation.  Subsequently, the initiate follows a clear path that so many other prophets and seers have followed.  They have an “uncovering” of the soul and are taken “up” into the seventh heaven to the throne of the divine that is surrounded by “elders” and illuminated by seven “lamps.” This process is obvious to a clairvoyant who is listening to the story of an inedic, or person who has chosen not to eat and possibly drink anymore in their life.

In authentic cases of extraordinary spiritual manifestation, the person is typically told to write down what they experienced which tends to look quite similar to other’s writings of similar experiences – timeless, spaceless, and driven by beings of higher consciousness.  The person involved often did not ask for the experience and has lead a devout spiritual life.

The Catholic Church (CC) has encountered many such people who believed they had written the “new apocalypse,” which looks and sounds much like the well-known versions. Before making proclamations of their authenticity, the CC studies these manifestations carefully for all of the signs of the “exact opposite” phenomena–those of possession. Many cases of supposed “spiritual” manifestations are found to be possessions that require an exorcism.

There are many more cases of stigmata rejected by the Catholic Church than accepted.

Therefore, true revelation or spiritual manifestation must be judged by the “work” that comes of it or the “strong virtues” that the person has come to embody.

The Church only recognizes as spiritual the manifestations that produce verifiable miracles and miraculous healings. The written work of many stigmatists have been completely rejected, as Anna Katrina Emmerich’s work was rejected as a fraudulent work of poetic imagination of her “supposed” scribe, Clemens Brentano, who confabulated most of it according to the officials investigating the case. The official beatification of Emmerich did not include the spurious writings of Brentano.

The Catholic Church has accepted almost no writings of stigmatists as genuine revelation. It is the “work” and “effects” of the stigmatist, prophet, visionary, or possessed person that determines the authenticity. Existing without eating for any number of years, bleeding wounds, or supposed spiritual revelations are not “signs” that a person is being affected by the unfallen ethers that comprise the Tree of Life.

 Currently, all spiritual students should be trying to reach the etheric realm (called Shamballa in many traditions) to find the Etheric Christ and help in the battle to resurrect the etheric body of the earth and the human etheric body.

Ahrimanic, asuric, and sorathic thoughts are killing Christ in the etheric as materialists take their grey spider thoughts into this realm of living light, wisdom, love and spiritual nourishment. Christ is being crucified again!  This is usually (if not always) the general message to those who receive apparitions. But those who can live purely off of the words of Christ, His love, and ever present bounty enlist in the battle and fight this fight.

Christ had to fast as soon as He was baptized; only once, and for only forty days. During that fast the three challenges of the astral (Lucifer), etheric (Ahriman), and physical (Asuric or Sorathic) doubles had to be tamed. Had He not tamed those three evil specters of Lucifer, Ahriman and Sorath (leader of the asuras), He would not have gained control of His bodies in this realm.

This realm of maya, illusion, or delusion to some, is still the domain of Lucifer and Ahriman.  If the temptations that come with fasting are not met and conquered, as Christ did, then they come back to “haunt” the person attempting spiritual advancement in many different ways.

One way that a person may be possessed is to give oneself over to Lucifer and have the type of spiritual manifestation that is like the manner of a person who has a continuous apparition.  Most apparitions, stigmatists, and possessions are virgins, which according to the official reports of the Catholic Church, are as high as 95%. These young, devout, pious, virgin souls are often “surprised” by the apparition even though they usually report that through devotion and prayer they had already “seen Jesus and Mary” at a younger age.

The apparitionist typically “witnesses” the apparition around the same time of day and in the same place, or close to it.  Their heads characteristically jerk back and they look up at a steep angle to witness and dialogue with the apparition.  In nine out of ten apparitions, and there have been hundreds witnessed and investigated, the apparition is called, the “Beautiful Lady” or the “Lovely Lady.”  Most apparitions do not start off by saying they are Mother Mary.

Once the priest shows up to investigate the phenomenon, the apparition usually becomes a standard progression from being identified as Mary, an injunction to build a church (Catholic) on the spot of the apparition, and a long message demanding prayer, saying the rosary, fasting, going to church regularly, taking the Eucharist daily, and an unwavering demand to stop sinning and pray for forgiveness. The apparition starts with purity and ends up a development plan for the church.

It is interesting also to note that the beautiful and sweet messages of general apparitions take the apparitionist into a “light filled realm” where angels sing and Jesus and Mary live and abide in love and harmony. This sounds like the realm of Shamballa.

If the reader wishes to investigate such phenomena that may fly under the flag of being spiritual, he should remember that more apparitions have been rejected as false and not “sanctioned” by the CC than have been studied and accepted as the “working of God.” It is hard for most people to understand that a “rip” in the fabric of the astral body can deeply affect the etheric and physical body. This “rip” often manifests as a traumatic event, illness, paralysis of the lower body, or other such “shocks” to the body. Frequently, the person is bedridden for many years afterwards and suffers terribly.

Spiritual influences work from the ego down into the three lower bodies. Apparitions, stigmata, possession, and revelation are all “issues” of the ego. Christ is the spiritual ego of humanity. Therefore, all such phenomena should be measured against what Christ gave us as a model to flow.

Christ did not refuse food but in fact He sanctified food through the last super making His body the body of the earth and His blood the enlivening force of human spiritual blood.  Every striving soul will encounter Christ on the path of spiritual development and the personal relationship that they develop with Christ while on the earth will hold the crucial key to spiritual advancement. The amount of etherized blood of Christ in our bodies will be “weighed” when confronting the Lord of Karma (Christ) at the threshold.

Abstaining from eating or drinking could be seen as rejection of Christ’s body and blood. Christ redeemed all matter by His deed and we must do the same in all aspects of our being. We are given the spiritual injunction to redeem the earth and humanity’s spiritual evolution.

Rejecting food and water is not an example Christ gave us, nor is “seeking a sign”, nor going into trance, nor being possessed by materialistic desires that look for the Father God in this earthly kingdom.

The Trinity comes into being when we disenchant matter, bringing spiritual perception to the revelation of the donations of the hierarchy (past) in the present moment as a sacrifice of love by Christ (present) that embodies the perfected vehicles of Christ and the Holy Spirit in the etheric realm as the destiny of humanity (future). Humans are limited in space and time and must slowly come to consciousness and conquer the limited perception of our being as slave to the past of our animal nature and limited in the future by materialists dead thinking.

Each of us directly confronts Christ each night we go to sleep as we try to unveil the mystery of His body and blood in earthly sense perception and the disenchantment of matter. To understand His body is to understand the past and the creation of the human being.

These are the mysteries called the Father Ground of Being (the Mothers). They show us how the interior of the earth came about. Anyone trying to enter into these realms through the interior of the earth will encounter the opposite images of what they are seeking.

Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Streams

The spiritual food in the super-etheric realm that feeds spiritual development can be seen as a form of digesting the unfallen ethers. Contrary to this, there can also be a fixation or possession of the chemical and life ethers coming from the inner layers of the earth where evil is a living force. These two realms are opposite and work in different directions.

The chemical and life ether in the earth draw the soul down into gravity and mirror images of the spirit.  The chemical and life ether in the super-etheric realm of the atmosphere raises the soul up through levity into a realm wherein the images of apocalypse are experienced and an extra-ordinary nourishment is given from the spiritual world to the aspirant who has the capacity to rise up to that realm.  This is called the “earthly and cosmic nutrition stream” that is explained in The Gospel of Sophia: A Modern Path of Initiation and found in most spiritual traditions.

It is this spiritual nourishment process that creates the food of the saints that endow them with a halo as a manifestation of spiritual nourishment entering their body. This nourishment is sent from the future and is the substance with which an initiate shapes her future spiritual by doing free deeds of love. Often, this nourishment is experienced as visions, inspirations, and intuitions of the future.

Every person who confronts the threshold between the physical and spiritual world (sleep, death, initiation, etc.) is given a choice to draw their forces from gravity or levity, Ahriman or Christ. To know the difference between the two is to know the difference between the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. One is found on the earth and has a serpent wound around it (spinal column and brain) while the other remains unspoiled in the spiritual world (etheric realm). Fruit from one brings illness and death, while fruit from the other brings eternal wisdom, love, and eternal life.

Discernment between the two is a major challenge of the spiritually striving human being. With both, we are dealing with spiritual beings even though with the Tree of Knowledge we are dealing with “retarded” spiritual beings who “decided” to remain behind in their evolution in comparison to the progressive spiritual beings who evolve upward through the hierarchy at the appropriate time. The downward descending beings, who are moving backward in time, are the counter-image of the progressive spirits.

We are all called to spiritually understand the past, the present, and the future – a sort of orientation in time. We are called to look “up” or “down” for our connection with the beings around us. Apparitionists look up and then later look down.  People who are possessed, look down and then up. A prophet with a revelation looks up and then brings the wisdom or message down.

Hauntings or possessions are spirits who remain down and don’t want to go up.  Autotrophs and inedics look up exclusively. In contrast to these, the initiate consciously “goes” up and then comes “down” to deliver the message and bring the miracles, and then goes to “hell” to help those in torment there.

It is all a matter of balance. For instance, fasting is a good way to go “up” to the spirit. Miracles are the result of the spirit coming “down” or the revelation of good news being brought “down” to the earth.

Not eating, bleeding wounds, “witnessing” the passion of Christ, being “told” to write a book, having “spiritual knowledge” of the future, “witnessing” hell or seeing an apparition are not necessarily a “sign” that the spiritual world from above is working in a person. It takes an exorcist who is clairvoyant, and there are very few of them, to study and determine the nature of an extraordinary manifestation. Often, the manifestations are not found to be “true” and “real” and the person may be subject to psychiatric intervention and hospitalization leading to institutionalization. Many poor souls undergoing spiritual development have met this fate. Great suffering is usually the outcome of these types of occurrences.

The true mark of spiritual manifestation in this realm is accompanied by a radiant glow of virtue that surrounds the person affected. Miracles and healings must accompany a spiritual manifestation to be found valid in the eyes of the church. Many stigmatists do not pass through the process to sainthood due to a lack of verifiable healings. Also, the writings or ideas of the person affected must also align with the doctrine and dogma of the church. This is often a hindering factor because the people effected may not be a member of any church and not particularly religious, but prone to visions. Nature spirits can become visible and are clever and full of tricks and evil spirits often take on the form and language of the spiritual forces they battle in order to confuse all concerned.

There are only a few people in the church who are able to bring such discernment, piety, and purity to analyze people in these conditions. Many, many people never get help and are misdiagnosed and drugged into a stupor.

The Catholic Church has always used apparitionists, stigmatists, and possessions to their advantage. The church is generally silent on most of these matters and lets the myth and magic concerning them bolster support for male priests who somehow have the power and discernment to deal with this questions. The church is almost devoid of any current revelation or spiritual manifestation outside of these extraordinary people.  Seldom does anyone, anywhere start within the church and “evolve” to these supposed “higher” stages of spiritual manifestation. Even the two priests who are authenticated by the church admitted that stigmata was “put” on them as penance for desires of the flesh, not as a spiritual “reward” for being more evolved.

It is not without cause that most stigmatists authenticated in the church had great illnesses or accidents that drove them to their bed where they spent most of the rest of their life. In other words, their lower chakras and the ability to walk was taken from them. This type of life-long suffering will often bring Mary and Jesus to the bedside of the ill, which is documented in millions of cases. Sophia Christos is faithful to those who are suffering and often come and comfort them and speak with them at length.

The Etheric Christ 

What is even more profound than any of the above conditions is the direct experience with the Etheric Christ resurrected in the etheric sphere around the earth. This experience often happens to those who are suffering, or about to go through great suffering. The experience is often accompanied by a glorious light that precedes the “appearance” of Christ. Some call the initial light, the Holy Spirit, or Holy Sophia.  Then, the cosmos speaks the name of Christ as He appears to the spiritual part of the person’s soul. The experience reveals everything – in time. Just as with Paul on the road to Damascus, it took time to be able to speak and see again normally and then only after someone taught him the full ramifications of what had happened in the experience of the risen Christ.

The receiver of the experience may not understand much at all and need decades to realize the full impact of the revelation. This is not accomplished through trance, astral shock, possession, or denial of the world. The experience integrates the person into the fabric of the entire world, physically and spiritually, showing the way to merge with Christ and Sophia. Many have experienced this “white light” experience wherein they “talk” with Jesus. A good number of these people had no experience of Christ or religious ideas before they were “saved” by Jesus in this “realm of light that nourishes.”

There is a much easier way to steadily evolve spiritually to this encounter with the Christ in the etheric realm rather than the difficult and problematic routes of stigmata, rejecting food, possession, or haunting.  For those poor souls who do have these experiences, we should look upon them with spiritual discernment and compassion for their suffering. But under few circumstances should we use this as a model for our own spiritual development unless we have experienced the phenomena first hand and have a spiritual capacity to determine what is from above, below or on par with current human spiritual development.

A spiritual initiate can dissolve space and time and still have consciousness.  It is this capacity that allows her to enter the spiritual world and remain conscious while the forces of sleep, dream, and trance would overwhelm a lesser developed individual. No physical “signs” are given as a standard of spiritual develop. A person experiencing a valid revelation, apparition, stigmata, or extraordinary manifestation is not more developed than one who is not. This is the common confusion of those who “need a sign” and are not able to manifest the spiritual world in the physical world themselves.

Miracles happen every day and each of us should be a healer, helping all those with whom we have contact. We should be “all things to all people” and leave room for the miraculous works of the divine. We should each fast regularly to fully understand the physical nature and not be bound by it. We should all empathize and relive Christ’s passion and not forget the resurrection. We should all look to the “heavens” for intervention from Christ, Sophia, and the communion of Saints and Masters who wish to help us evolve and are circled around Christ’s throne.

We should all move beyond the inner layers of the earth to the golden core of Christ’s love that makes our earth a new star. We should all show the “signs of Christ” in our heroic virtuous activities to help Christ fulfill the mission of Love and heal the earth and all those who dwell here. We should all know the difference between surrendering to Christ and surrendering to Ahriman, Lucifer, or Sorath.

We are called to the resurrection of the earth, to create a glorious new Sun of Love and Wisdom. The battle to re-crucify Christ in the etheric realm by the adversarial forces is raging and true followers of Christ must find new courage and strength to lead others out of the darkness and into the light, from gravity to levity. It is through this direct, conscious interaction with living spiritual beings that we create our own fate and find the way to imitate the resurrection of Christ from the forces of death and hatred that threaten to enslave materialists.

Christ’s living presence is the sword of love that strikes down ignorance and evil and raises the pure of heart into the divine realms. The battle in heaven still wages to this day, the only question is, “Whose side are we aligned with?”

@2017 Douglas Gabriel. All Rights Reserved.

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