Sigmata and inedia are not marks of spiritual advancement, but are what Steiner warned us of - false prophets and spiritual materialism.

To grow a spiritual ladder upon which to climb out of the darkness and into the light, one must rarify the spirit through morality training and higher thoughts. At the same time, the physiological effects that accompany this transcendence are wondrous. In anthroposophy, the process by which the spiritual journey is expressed within our body is known as the etherization of the blood, or the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream.

Those who have begun to follow the path of Sophia-Christos are involved and active in world events and understand that the dark brotherhood is not some nebulous esoteric concept tucked away neatly in a Rudolf Steiner lecture. These are forces that must be faced in order to develop our consciousness which runs up against evil to help us wake up and become aware.

our-spirit-png-white-no-wordsThe logo for Our Spirit reveals the Mystery of One becoming Two, uniting to create Three, an infinite rose unfolding like the mysteries of the Divine Feminine Trinity.

We become creators when we love, effectively bridging the gap between ourselves and others. This is a new creation born of freedom that comes from our desire to love and bridge the divide between inner and outer.