Steiner told us to read the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, as a guidebook for the challenges of our time. Few Anthroposophists have ever read this book, but if they did they would notice that the challenges presented to the three heroes are the same challenges we meet in our own age. It is recognition of evil and its control over your desires that is displayed in the plot of the Kalevala. They are fighting to win the Sampo, a free-energy device that produces gold, salt, and meal. The owner of this magic machine would be the wealthiest person on the earth.

Ultimately, Lucifer was totally alone. He had suffered so long that he barely knew his name or whether any of what he believed was true. He doubted everything about himself, and there was no one with him to remind him of his past glory. Lucifer now understood what it meant to be human, limited by a mortal body. Something died in his soul and he no longer desired to possess anything or gain any more knowledge. He desired nothing and felt as if all that he had experienced as a human was worth nothing. Total emptiness filled his soul.

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When the we met in late 2011, our universes collided with the amazing possibilities that lay in front of us as spiritual researchers. Both Tyla and Douglas had pursued the studies of AnthropoSophia for decades, each in their different, yet compatible ways. You can imagine how excited we were to find in one another, the completion of the picture we had been imagining for years.

I participated in the First Class and the Circle in many locations in America and Europe. It was made perfectly clear what the rules were. If a person could be “tricked” with a leading question to admit that they were members – then what was the point of secrecy? I know some Circle members who talked to others about the circle who were not members. This was frowned upon and could result in being kicked out of the Circle. It is certainly possible that I might have been exposed to various “local rules” that only applied to certain groups. I don’t know. I only know what I experienced.