The Gospel of John contains the spiritual magic to dispel the hypnotic allure of hyper-materialism. Meditating on the “Word”, the “Logos” that is Christ is the key to living thoughts, inspirations, and intuitions.

Developing the direct connection with Christ in the etheric realm helps dissolve the grey shadow-thoughts of materialism that are drowning the etheric realm with darkness and enslavement of human free will.

We live in the post-truth age manipulated by false-hood politics and media untruthfulness. Without a strong sense of discernment for the truth, all of the lies, misrepresentations, subliminal programming, and propaganda constantly obfuscate, conflate, confabulate, and misguide the person who is not ‘as wise as a serpent.’

Whether its Lucifer, the father of lies, being cast down to the Earth by the Archangel Michael or the serpent whispering lies and falsehoods to Adam and Eve, we can find the battle between good and evil displayed throughout human history.

In today’s world we might say: Find the spiritual truth in your thinking, the beauty of the world in your heart, and add to them good deeds freely accomplished with love. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, according to the Greeks, will grant you wings to fly into the higher realms of the archetypes where truth resides, pure and un-defiled.

In today’s Cat Report, we share a story of Tyla and Douglas meeting St. Germain in their garden and end with a history lesson about Scythianos.

Along the way we look at the grace of ENLIGHTENMENT and discover the NORTHERN LEADERS OF HUMANITY.


The heart acts just like the galaxy with its rhythmic exchange between emptiness and fullness, black hole and ion jet.

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The heart can sense the outside world with much more than the five senses provide and can know and understand much than is considered invisible, or beyond the five senses.

The heart can also sense every organ inside the human body and respond to the needs of respiration, circulation, nutrition and all of the bodily systems. The highly developed heart can assume the autonomic aspects of the cardiovascular system and control circulation, respiration and many other aspects of maintaining internal equilibrium.

The pulse of the heart is the voice of the divine, both inside and outside of the human being. Heart perception is far beyond what science understands about this Holy Grail of human consciousness.

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We are growing and evolving with you! What can you really say after you find the rock-solid evidence that there is a global plan of genocide and that millions of people have already succumb to its lethal injections. This is why it is time to “cross the bridge” and begin preparations for what comes next for humanity.

In this report we look at the weird connections between the lance that pierced the side of Christ and the evil Klaus Schwab.