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Some religions say that object and subject are made of the same substances and that human beings look out upon the world to “find themselves” looking back. The divine is within and the divine is without.
Neoanthroposophy is open to anyone who is willing to do the work of life-long study of Steiner’s words and teachings through direct application in the world.
In the “gap” between the pineal gland and the pituitary gland, exists a shared region where the earthly and cosmic nutrition streams join. The gap is the threshold of creation and destruction, and the hope for rebirth.  It is one of the most powerful spaces in our body.
You always know if a message is truly spiritual because it dispels fear, doubt, and hatred and inspires hope, love, and faith.
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Sigmata and inedia are not marks of spiritual advancement, but are what Steiner warned us of - false prophets and spiritual materialism.

our-spirit-png-white-no-wordsThe logo for Our Spirit reveals the Mystery of One becoming Two, uniting to create Three, an infinite rose unfolding like the mysteries of the Divine Feminine Trinity.

We become creators when we love, effectively bridging the gap between ourselves and others. This is a new creation born of freedom that comes from our desire to love and bridge the divide between inner and outer.