Gabriels’ Bookshelf

Readers asked that we create a page with the links to the books and e-books we have written. The print books are available for a nominal charge and all of our books are free by download and/or hyperlink. Share this post:

Books available in print or PDF

The Gospel of Sophia: Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity

The Gospel of Sophia: A Modern Path of Initiation

The Gospel of Sophia: Sophia Christos Initiation

The Eternal Ethers: A Theory of Everything

The Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children

Spirit of Childhood: The Waldorf Curriculum Grade One

Hidden History of the Grail Queens

Douglas Gabriel’s e-book The Human Heart is a Supersensible Organ of Perception can be accessed here:


Chapter One: The World Changes When Our Hearts Do

Chapter Two: Physiological Aspects of the Human Heart

. . . . . Secrets of the Heart

. . . . .Chambers of the Heart

. . . . .A Thumb of Fire

Chapter Three: Three Fields of Force

Chapter Four: Great Thoughts About the Heart

Chapter Five: Rudolf Steiner on the Human Heart

Chapter Six: Dodecahedron Universe

Chapter Seven: Historical Review of the Centrality of the Heart

Chapter Eight: Eastern Wisdom of the Etheric Heart

Other E-Books by Douglas Gabriel:

Selected Works of George William Russell (A. E.)

Spirit Awakening Through Novalis

German Thinkers and Pre-School Theosophy

Lucifer’s Grail