The Damascus Experience is Happening!

AIM Patriot Jimmy left us this note after viewing the video below. We answered him just under the video. It is a discussion we wanted to share with all of you.

Jimmy: Hi I’ve been red-pilled from “Thomas and Betsy” since President Trump announced his candidacy. However, this hasn’t been limited to the political facet but it has seemed to pervade throughout my entirety. I’ve been studying and there have been some pretty interesting things happening that I was just wanting to ask anyone here for some insight..

Love dissolves time and space

Gospel of Sophia: We are listening.

Jimmy: Ok I’m going to go right out and say it. I felt like I was having a heart attack then I saw this immense blinding flooding white light that enveloped me and it embraced me and I felt translated into another form. The next instant I feel nothing but pure love abounding love and I felt I was in heaven and I kept thinking I won I won.

I then heard a woman’s voice that said now there’s work to be to done. Well there was my experience and I would love to help. Just wanted to see if this was a normal thing.

Gospel of Sophia: Many call this the Damascus experience and meeting of Sophia. The Gabriels are here to help you understand what is happening. Some call it the Second Coming. Others might know it as the experience of the Etheric Christ.

And, yes, there is much work to be done.

We have written about it here:

Anthroposophia Reveals the Second Coming: Perceiving Christ in the Etheric

(Our patriot friends in Greece did this translation.)

Η Ανθρωποσοφία Αποκαλύπτει το Δεύτερο Ερχομό: Αντίληψη του Χριστού στο Αιθερικό (επίπεδο)

Rudolf Steiner wrote about this and indicated that more and more people would have the Damascus experience beginning in the 1930s going forward. However, the Gabriels noticed that this was not happening as widespread as students of Rudolf Steiner would have thought. Being the curious people we are, we starting looking for answers.

Our research is showing us that humanity has been “put to sleep” – literally brainwashed by evil media propaganda, poisoned by Big Pharma, indoctrinated in public schools, etc. etc. – like everything we have been reporting about over these last 3 years at AIM4TRUTH. The Ahrimanic overlords of our planet do not want you to re-member your connection to the divine.

Patriots, we have literally been SUPPRESSED as human beings in countless ways that we lost the capacity to connect with the divine like Jimmy described happened to him.

We know there are more of you that have had the experience of Sophia. Some may see it as an apparition of a beautiful woman or of Mary, or an angel. It comes from a place so sublime and pure that there is no doubt you are having an authentic spiritual experience.

Our books and websites are offered as “maps” to help you on a journey of awakening that awaits you on the other side of the bridge. Come, play the Glass Bead Game.

Bridge to Heaven

We hope you will enjoy this esoteric lecture by Dr. Gabriel on Anthroposophia.

Douglas Gabriel gives a lecture SOPHIA WISDOM

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Is it time to birth your higher self?


Who Holds the Spear Holds the Destiny


Afterpost follow up.

Jimmy continued to write us under the YT post:

Thank you for all the information you’ve shared. I have been so afraid to take a true in-their-face approach on my platform until Sophia Cristo gave me the wisdom to face my fear stand up for the light of the world. Plus using Mrs. T ORMUS recipe and the sigils y’all lovingly provide had a major impact on my experience. Thank you for literally giving me the tools and information to awaken my consciousness.


Gospel of Sophia:

That is a good way to describe them, Jimmy, as “tools and information”. On our primary site at, you learn how to use sigils to harmonize your environment. We also show you the ASCEND Diet to help you clear each chakra area as you begin to open the crown chakra where the pineal gland can be awakened to connect you to your angels.

All of our spiritual writings are offered as a way to nourish your soul so that you can have the higher thoughts that bring the angels to you. We conscious humans are the nourishment for the angels. We are not the highest being on the food chain. We feed our angels. Our angels feed us.