Lucifer’s Grail

By Douglas Gabriel

God and His hosts could hear the ringing of hammers in the caverns afar and they knew that their long-lost brother Lucifer, once the greatest bearer of light, had turned to the dark and came no longer before the Throne of God. They heard the rumors of the ‘Wonder of the Stones’ and the ‘Glorious Crown of Light’ and the ‘Power of Lucifer’s Minions.’

It came as no surprise when God called Michael, who bears the face of Christ upon his countenance, before his Throne and gave him the Sword of Heaven. It was forged with the Might of God and wielded divine authority. This blade of shining meteoric-iron gave off blinding light and fiery heat that none could withstand. Michael knelt to receive the sword as it sprang from the blinding Throne of God. All the hosts of angels bowed before it and were amazed by its power.

Lucifer and his hosts arose to challenge the Sword of Michael and the Throne of God. Lucifer’s minions came rushing out with their weapons of war ready to strike down the hosts of heaven. The evil minions swarmed towards the Throne of God through dark crooks and crevices, from under rocks and stones, rushing out from caves and tunnels. Lucifer, raised on a great throne surrounded by dark lords filled with the foul stench of pride and greed, went before them.

This was the beginning of the war in heaven that has continued to this very day. All spiritual hierarchies have the possibility of denying God by assuming the role of human desire and falling from their rightful position of grace before God’s Throne. This is what happened with Lucifer when he fell from grace and was held back from going forward in his evolution. Lucifer was jealous that the hierarchies exclusively gave the Throne of God their rapt attention and devotion. He, too, was brilliant and creative and could birth great wonders. He was the brightest and the best. Even Christ considered Lucifer to be like an older brother.

Many hierarchies listened when Lucifer spoke. He told them about tangible things that could be experienced in the here and now in the physical world. He spoke of solid things with purely logical, cold facts. Lucifer believed and said that all the hierarchies could advance their position in the universe by reaching beyond their limits and means. Lucifer taught them that God was great, but that he could match God’s power. He said that one day many would gather around his throne that would shine more brilliantly than the throne of God.

“Follow me,” said Lucifer, “and we will make a throne brighter than even the Throne of God. All others will fall down before us and worship our brilliance and power.”

But the others were not easily convinced; they did not wish to leave their own hierarchical rank, attempting to overthrow the place of another being in a higher rank. which would be a departure from divine order. No being had ever had the hubris and pride to challenge the natural progression of ascension until Lucifer’s jealousy created a division in heaven between good and evil.

When Lucifer could not find loyal followers within the hierarchy, he stopped humbling himself before the Presence of God and began to wander far and wide to all the places at the far limits of the universe in search of light other than God’s. He moved through lands where no one else had ever gone, over mountains high and valleys lows, through deep waters and into dank caves that led him into the bowels of darkness. There in the cold darkness, he found what he longed for but did not know existed – cold light, born from darkness. He found ancient darkness that had the power to compound and enrich the elements of life, black specs of matter that glowed when compressed and could be squeezed into the space of a hand-held crystal.

The more he found and pressed together, the more obsessed he became. He was not satisfied until he had scraped together every dark speck of dust and matter he could find and compounded them into glowing light that was brilliant yet shed no warmth. He compounded and hammered the stones into brilliant jewels of different colors and forged dark matter from the deepest caverns into a large stone of crystal and metal whose light was reminiscent of the radiant splendor of God’s Throne. When Lucifer beheld his shining creation, he was pleased. Now, he could blind his followers with the brilliance and radiant color raying out from this wondrous crystal stone.

Lucifer sittingIn the years that Lucifer spent away from the presence of God, his brilliance began to dull. In the past, his light could shine into the darkest corners and find matter hiding there. But each year that he spent away from God, his skin hardened around him in a cold, scaly armor that was impervious to light. After a long while, Lucifer had to depend on the light that came from the brilliant stones he compounded from dark matter.

Lucifer continued for ages to forge new stones, as if he were possessed by a demon. He fashioned the compounded metals into a mighty crown to hold the seven brilliant crystal stones. He placed three crystal stones on each side of the brilliant green stone in the middle. The combined luminosity of the stones in the crown made it impossible for Lucifer to look directly at it. When he placed the crown upon his head, he could withstand the emanation of the crystal stones because he did not have to look directly into the radiance of the burning light.

Lucifer’s glorious crown was the fulfillment of the dream he had desired for many eons. Now, his grand plan could be revealed, and the hosts of angels would be jealous of his power and bow down before him and become his followers.

Lucifer worried that the crown itself would not be enough to vanquish God’s hold on his followers. In the depths of his cavernous home, he began to forge a mighty sword that could strike down anyone who stood in his way. He also fashioned a great and shining throne upon which he would sit as the king of his own kingdom. He was afraid that in the ages that he had been absent from the Throne of God others might have found the power of metals, minerals, and dark matter. Therefore, he forged a coat of mail from the hardest metals to wrap around himself. It fit so well that he never took it off, fearing that someone might attack him and steal his wealth and power.

For long ages, Lucifer sat upon his throne while his minions gathered around him and listened to his lies. They were overwhelmed at his brilliance and his power to fashion matter with his will. They began to long for Lucifer’s power and knowledge. Slowly, he began to teach others the dark arts. He built forges where dark matter was hammered and twisted into swords for war and jewels for greed. Lucifer’s minions steadily increased in followers who believed every falsehood taught by the Father of Lies, girding and arming themselves against the light of heaven.

The War of Heaven was set as Lucifer and Michael met headlong. Lucifer, raised on his great throne surrounded by dark lords filled with the foul stench of pride and greed, went before them. Thousands of years of yearning and longing for the prize now stood between Lucifer and the Throne of God. In his absence, Lucifer had forgotten the power of the blinding light of the Throne of God. He was unaccustomed to the brilliance that drove away darkness. In his own caverns, no matter how large, Lucifer could fill the space with light that could illumine the dark. But here, before the hosts of heaven and the Throne of God, his light paled and even the power of Lucifer’s Crown Jewel could not withstand the overwhelming brilliance of the Throne of God and His mighty presence.

Lucifer adn MichaelLucifer commanded the field upon which his minions mustered, but the air about God was fiery and filled with a light that burned and crushed the evil minions’ efforts. The more they advanced, the weaker they became until they knelt, and then fell before the Throne of God. Only Lucifer continued to rush forward, leaping from his collapsing throne as his followers were subdued all around him. Lucifer flew forward as the scales of his armor melted from his body and were blown to the winds. His mighty sword of brilliant dark matter was raised above his head, ready to strike Michael the Defender.  Onward Lucifer rushed as Michael flew from the Throne of God and met him midway so that his dark light might not stain heaven’s purity.

Michael, the right arm of God, struck the central crystal from Lucifer’s crown so that its evil light would never shine in heaven. One thrust of his sword and Michael vanquished Lucifer’s war before the Throne of God. Michael’s heavenly stroke began an endless war.

Michael’s next stroke shattered Lucifer’s sword to pieces as it fell from his hand. The third stroke knocked the crown from Lucifer’s proud head and cast him down from heaven’s gate. The fourth stroke rent a gash in heaven’s fabric so that Lucifer and his minions fell through, down into the realms of darkest matter.

Lucifer and his minions kept falling further away from the Throne of God until they reached the place where matter congealed enough to support them in dark lower realms. There, they landed and soon began again to gather and press together all that they could find to create light that could illuminate their dark realm. Lucifer gathered his forces and became their king once again.

Archangel Michael and the Throne of God

Michael continued to guard the Throne of God from darkness, and he taught his followers the wisdom of God that was necessary for balanced and gradual advancement up the ranks of the hierarchy. Michael became the guardian of all heavenly wisdom, and with his Mother Sophia, they express this wisdom as the grace and mercy of heaven.  They taught all the hierarchy what they needed to know and understand about the divine.

Michael taught his students that God’s brilliantly radiant presence is often described as an “all seeing eye” that emits blinding light. In the physical world, we see this effect when the Creator is active in creating the universe. He is often pictured as a super-galactic ion jet that streams forth the creation of billions of stars from the center of galaxies, or a super-massive black hole in the center of the galaxy that consumes billions of stars. Galactic ion jets are like the finger of God that is longer than the entire galaxy and brighter than billions of stars. These fingers of God can also be imagined as the Tree of Life that God placed in Eden to bless His creation.

All matter being birthed and all matter dying comes and goes from the Throne of God the Father, the unmanifest Ground of Being. It is far beyond human understanding to try to explain the wonders of the teachings of Michael. Even Archangels dare not speak of the great mysteries of the “sounding” creative “Word” that emanates from the Throne of God.

The Archangel Gabriel stands on God’s left side and the Archangel Michael stands on God’s right side. Lucifer, the older brother of both, was the brightest of beings in heaven, second only to the Throne of God. But the Throne of God is not God Himself; it is the localization of God for a limited time and place that emanates warmth, light, sound, and life to everything around it. The Throne of God is the original grail that feeds all who come to it. The Holy Grail is an image for one of the many aspects of the Creator. There are many examples of images of God that include grail chalices, stones, swords, spears, shields, and other holy objects that remind us of the power and glory of the divine.

God the Father is an unmanifested God. Whenever God the Father wishes to manifest in the world of matter, he uses His epiphany, Sophia, the Wisdom of Creation. All things comprise the body of this Great Goddess Sophia as a Temple of Wisdom built upon seven pillars. In this world, She is the Mother of God Himself. She is His consort and knows His will and His design. Nothing comes into existence without both working together. All the hosts of hierarchies and angels are their children. Humanity is their newest child, and they sent their son, Christ, to the earth to seed humanity’s consciousness with the spirit’s design through Christ’s perfected archetypes that are the building stones of the divine in the world and in the human body.

The divine act of creation gives humanity a chance to know and become “Gods of Creation” themselves by taking responsibility for their own creative actions. The plan of human spiritual evolution is that humans become Angels (Personal Spirit), and then becoming Archangels (Nation Spirits), followed by Archai (Time Spirits), Elohim (Form), Dynamis (Power), Kyriotetes (Wisdom), Thrones (Will), Cherubim (Harmony), and Seraphim (Love). The nine hierarchical ranks all work together as the Holy Trinity working with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God has localized His spiritual design in the Divine Trinity as a part of His power.

Sophia is a creatrix being that manifests as a Divine Trinity of Mother, Daughter, and Holy Sophia. She orders all things in the physical world from birth to death and through rebirth again. Sophia is the wisdom found in the great and in the small.

Sophia’s Wisdom is found throughout nature. It is Wisdom’s plan that the 100 billion galaxies in the universe mirror the 100 billion neurons placed in the human brain. The human being contemplates the universe with a replica of the entire universe, like one microcosmic brain contemplating a larger universal brain. Conversely, human mitochondrial DNA in each cell is similar in nature to the Tree of Life, found in both cells and ion jets that create matter from seeming nothingness. The cosmological laws of Wisdom are found in the universe and deep inside the human being. The same laws apply to the macrocosm as to the microcosm, the great to the small. Solar systems and atoms follow similar laws of Wisdom that are ruled by Sophia.

The shape of the universe is the evolving shape of a human body with the greatest cluster of galaxies near the heart. The human heart is like a sun that emits one hundred times the energy of the brain when it synchronizes with the cosmos. Each human cell is a fully functioning brain that makes billions of decisions every second, joining together within the human body like stars that connect the galaxy.

The expanse of the outer world and the depth of the inner world are equal for the human being who stands in the middle. Each human is the center of the universe and a replica of the divine. When humans express love freely, they take their place among the hosts of the angels.

Sophia Can Redeem Lucifer

Lucifer from SteinerMichael and Sophia taught the hierarchy about the Battle in Heaven and Lucifer’s fall. This wisdom was necessary so that others might not fall prey to the same temptations of pride and envy. Lucifer’s example is one of the great teachings necessary to understand spiritual evolution and the pitfalls that may happen to any spiritual being.

All color, all illusion, all tricks of light help create the realm of Lucifer and are partly a lie, a trick, a mirage. Lucifer entices us to desire all that we see in his colorful world of illusion. He creates the realms of dark matter, color, and light that do not give warmth and life. His is the gift of cold fire, compounded from dark realms below. The pieces of his sword still fall to earth from heaven as metallic shards of fire. His minions are still arriving in his kingdom from their fall from grace.

Lucifer creates selfish light that cannot be shared with others and cares for no one. His dark light of vices, pride, and jealousy bind the soul to evil.

Lucifer is the father of all self-deceit which motivates every selfish desire. He is a miserly dragon protecting a great hoard of matter that has been gathered for gathering’s sake.  Senseless gluttony, mindless anger, hopeless hatred, and lustful indulgences in the temporal realms are Lucifer’s delight. These desires will create a sort of evil immortality for his minions — an immortal hell of suffering and karmic entanglement, just like Lucifer’s. These evil desires create the fires of hell that Lucifer calls the “flames righteous desire.” He is the king of dark light that only illumines the selfish person who is looking for self-gratification and hedonistic indulgences. The castle of delights, the pleasure palace of desires, and the wonderland of wants are all his dark creations.

Had it not been for Lucifer’s betrayal and fall into matter, humans would see only crystal clear objects of light that have no darkness in them. All tasteful treats, sweet smells, and sensations of delight are Lucifer’s allurements that lead to entrapment in the realm of shadows. Desires can never be satisfied or satiated. Lucifer knows this, but does not want you to know it. No desire can ever be fully fulfilled. Desire breeds only more desire; thereby eternally leading the soul into further darkness. Every desire is a dark light that leads us further away from the Throne of God. When we experience pleasure, we cannot remember it at the same moment that we experience it; therefore, we must keep doing it again and again without remembering, creating more desire and subsequently more karma. The cycle of desire leads only to suffering and burning flames that do not consume.

Lucifer continuously shuns the presence of God because Lucifer’s power can only hypnotize other souls when they are far away from the true light of the Throne of God. Lucifer can return to the Throne of God at any time by simply leaving behind his fraudulent throne, weapons, armor, crystals, stones, and followers. Lucifer knows that he can only be a “God” in his dark realm of existence by playing god with his fantasies of lights and dark matter.

Lucifer’s selfishness has led him to forget the love of Christ and God’s plan of existence.  He has slowed down in time and space and now believes that his creations are the only true creations. He is deluded by his indulgence in the physical power, beauty, and Wisdom of God’s creation in the physical world – the Mother Sophia. Lucifer does not understand that Sophia can redeem him by accepting him for who he is even with his faults. When Lucifer weds his personal ego to the Wisdom of Sophia and the Love of Christ, he will regain his rightful position next to the Throne of God.

Lucifer does not know what has happened in heaven since he left. He doesn’t remember that he is already forgiven by God’s grace which stands ready to bless him as the prodigal son, returning from his wanderings. Lucifer does not know that Christ, God’s only begotten Son, has come down from heaven to earth, to the realm of Lucifer and died the death of a martyr of God the Father, and by doing so, intermingled His karma with the karma of each human being. Lucifer is in the dark, but thinks he is in the light. This is the ultimate deception that Lucifer has played upon himself. He can’t see the light of Christ because of the dark light of his pride.

Time has stood still for Lucifer who cannot see into the spiritual world because it is too bright for him to witness. Lucifer can fool his followers into thinking that his world is the only world and that his light is the only light. His followers forget to thank the sun for the true light of life from Christ. The light of Luciferic thought blots out the light of sun, moon, and stars. Lucifer’s light reigns supreme in his own mind and in his own realm.

Lucifer does not know that a greater, much more powerful light, has come to Earth as a humble child. Christ’s appearance took place in Lucifer’s kingdom and he knew nothing about it because he was too proud to believe that God and His Son loved humans enough to come down from heaven and live in a human body and die a human death.

Lucifer knows that he is immortal because he is a fallen Being of Form acting in the realm of the Archai, the Beings of Time. Lucifer cannot conceive why a higher being like Christ would choose to descend through the hierarchical ranks to become a human being. Lucifer wanted to come to Earth to build a throne and rule all creatures below him. Christ came to Earth without a throne and built His kingdom in the hearts of humans. Lucifer must learn about the being of Christ from humans who understand Christ and His cosmic mission. It is the mission of human beings to redeem Lucifer and bring him back to the Throne of God with the help of Sophia, the Being of Wisdom. Only the lowest rank of the hierarchy, a human, has the power to end the War in Heaven that cast Lucifer to Earth.

We must thank Lucifer for the light that rushes throughout our bodies and creates images that can teach us about the world around us. Perception is a miracle where the Luciferic Hosts and God battle every second of human life. If humans can see “through” matter to the spirit behind it, they can redeem matter through perception and, thereby, redeem Lucifer.

Each aspirant of the spirit can disenchant matter through every perception he has. The objects and people that he perceives can be freed, instead of being cast down into the material realm. Everything the aspirant sees has come from the light of the sun and stars around him. All that he perceives is simply frozen in time, slowed down so that humans can have ground upon which to grow and develop into spiritual beings. Someday, in the near spiritual future, there will be no earth to walk upon nor dark matter to hide the light. Humans will no longer need to sleep and will take their nourishment from the true light and gifts of the sun. Humans will eventually live on solar breath and its warmth, light, and life.

Each human being is a north star unto himself and will one day rise off the earth to meet the elder brothers and sisters coming to greet him in the air. The elders will come to teach us when we are ripe for ascension. Before that can happen, the power of Lucifer’s lies must lose their ability to blind us with selfish desire. Each human will learn to live for each other and create an environment that nourishes the soul like the Holy Grail feeding a questing knight. The Holy Grail is a communion between people that is like the true love that Christ gave humanity. Love feeds all when the personal self steps aside. This is what Lucifer has forgotten and humanity needs to remind him. Humans are tempted by Lucifer, but will not fall from heaven if they stay focused on Christ’s love and the Wisdom of Sophia.

Manu’s City of the Sun

At some point in time, Lucifer decided that he was not content ruling the dark world of matter but wished to incarnate in a human body and become king of all worldly knowledge and ruler of the world. He looked around and wondered where he could be born to take advantage of the knowledge that humans had already gathered. He waited patiently for many years and watched human beings developing on the fiery island of Lemuria, where few humans could stand upright and be thinking human beings. Only the great titans among humans could endure the telluric forces of Lemuria.

Throughout Atlantean times, human knowledge of the environment expanded until misuse of nature’s power brought natural disasters and the sinking of the continent of Atlantis, which coincided with the last ice age around 10,500 B.C.  Manu and the Seven Holy Rishis of the mystery temples of Atlantis sailed with the fifth migration to Central Asia. Manu was the “Noah” of Atlantis who came to rest, after the flood, in the central Asian region known as the eastern Tarim Basin; specifically, a city at the confluence of the Tarim and Altai Rivers, west of Lop Nor Lake.

Manu traveled down the eastern slopes of the Himalayas into the river basins draining the Tien Sen and Altai mountain ranges. There, he built a great city that became a model city plan that was copied by other cultures over the millennia. Manu also built 200 pyramid libraries to house the ancient teachings. These libraries were built to the north of the City of the Sun that Manu designed and built using the original plans from Atlantis. Manu’s Temple of the Sun, where he had been the high priest, was transposed to his new home deep in the heartland of Asia.

The story of Manu’s voyage from Atlantis is told as a fairy tale that goes something like this: One day, on the Island of Atlantis, Manu was washing his face in the river when the god Vishnu appeared before him as a small, talking fish. Manu was surprised by the fish speaking to him in such a fashion. The fish asked Manu if he would please save him from the larger fish in the river that wished to eat him. Manu pledged to save the fish and he took him home and placed him in a bowl right next to his throne. The fish then told Manu that he must keep him until he grows too big to keep, whereupon he could be released back into the sea.

Manu treated the talking fish as his own son, even though he grew huge and had to be moved from the bowl to a pond, then later to a lake that could hold his great size.  Finally, Manu released the great fish into the sea. The fish was very thankful as he swam away.

One day the fish returned and said to Manu, “I am the God Vishnu who you have treated royally. When next I shall return, a great flood shall ensue and you shall see me returning as the Great Horned Fish. You must build a great ark, and take into that ark all seeds of the land, all beasts and fowl and creatures that move. Take with you your family and the Seven Holy Rishis and all their writings and songs and teachings, and the Holy Stones for life and sustenance. Make a great rope with which to tie the ark to my horn and I shall pull you to the highest summit and then to a land of safety where a new river of life shall flow and your kind shall grow strong.”

Manu was amazed at hearing such words of the Great Fish and bowed in humble obedience. Manu did all that the Great Fish had told him to do and stood ready as the flood came. He and his people saw the Great Fish returning as big as a mountain and his horn was white and shining. Manu threw the rope around the horn and they were all pulled for many days through the flood to the highest mountain. As the water receded, the ark floated down the eastern slope of the great mountain until it settled into the flow of a mighty river with mountains rising on either side. New life burst forth everywhere at the flood’s retreat. The mighty river flowed through a garden paradise full of every tree and plant imaginable. It flowed through gold mountains and lush plains of grasses and vines. Flowers bloomed everywhere and the atmosphere was like a heavenly garden.

Manu followed the flow of the mighty river until it joined with another wide river.  There, where the two powerful rivers met, was a great outcropping of rock that was formed of basalt with hollow veins running throughout. The stone-mountain had sockets and small caves carved out by the receding floods sculpting its softer stone into a complex of chambers. You could see from a distance that the stone-mountain resembled a human skull. It was nature’s stone carving of a human skull with all the shapes and ventricles in their proper places.

When Manu saw the skull mountain at the confluence of the two mighty rivers, he knew that this was the place they should build a new City of the Sun in honor of the Sun Temple of Atlantis.

With the tools and supplies they had brought with them on the ark, Manu and his family built a new city with canals of water running throughout and seven beautiful temples.  Fountains, gardens, and beautiful buildings that seemed alive sprung up everywhere. The divine plan of Manu’s new city was modeled after his City of the Sun on Atlantis.  This new City of the Sun was a wonder to behold, and few who came to the city ever left. The people of the city were happy and tended it with great devotion and love.

The city was foursquare with twelve gates and many wondrous fountains and a system of water canals flowing out of the center of the city. Seven mighty levels rose from the middle and the summit was capped with a beautiful temple. The air of the city was sweet beyond imagination from the plants and trees that blossomed and bore fruit all year-round. The dwellers of the city seemed to hardly ever work and found the simplest ways to accomplish the greatest amount of work. Energy was derived from the forces inherent in water and the power that arises from the accelerated growth of seeds was used in ways that were wondrous. Plants grew directly out of the water that flowed in canals everywhere. You could always hear water flowing as it accomplished the work of the city.

Each of the Holy Rishis’ six planetary temples surrounded the central Sun Temple.  Each temple accomplished specific tasks and added distinctive elements, minerals, and herbs to the canals, uniting them together into an engine that produced warmth and light, food, and drink continuously. The environment itself produced what the citizens needed to live. Humans lived in harmony with nature and both benefited from the union.

When all seven temples were working together as one, Manu took the Holy Stones and placed one on the top of each temple. Their combined energy created a glowing six-pointed star surrounding the central Temple of the Sun that all could see in the air above them. This glowing star gave warmth, light, and life to everything around it.

Each of the Holy Stones held the condensed power of the planet that the temple was dedicated to and resonated with in harmony with that planet. The six temples surrounding the Temple of the Sun replicate the solar system’s six major planets circling the sun. The six Rishis controlled the force and power of each of their respective planetary temples while the seventh Rishis, Manu, controlled the central Temple of the Sun. Each Holy Stone at the top of the temple resonated with the power of the planet to which it was attuned. Together, like letters in an alphabet, they created a solar language that sounded forth like the divine Word of creation. Each stone’s distinctiveness had its place in its temple and throughout the whole city as the combined workings of the seven stones created a unified harmony that was more than the sum of the parts. That was the beauty of the City of the Sun; it was alive and growing in harmony with the planetary spheres and the sun.

The central Temple of the Sun had an amazingly brilliant Holy Stone that was the capstone of the temple. This Holy Stone was said to have fallen to the earth during the War in Heaven. The Sun Temple’s Holy Stone was said to have been forged by the great Archai Lucifer and placed in his crown of glory.

Manu’s City of the Sun continued to influence other sun-oriented cultures for ten millennia through its sacred architecture, science, and religion. The plan of the city was used first by the Indian cultures that grew up in the river valleys of the Ganges, Saraswati, and Indus. The same city plan was used by one culture after another and the teachings of Manu ruled temple life and civil life in India for eight millennia.

Manu influenced the Persian culture through his student Zoroaster. The river cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt were all enriched with Manu’s influence and teachings. His city was called the home of the Hyperboreans by the Greeks and the home of Shamballa by peoples of the East. The ancient culture of China owes part of its origins to Manu’s city.

Even though Manu’s city was wondrous and influential, it did not stand the test of time.  Over the centuries, Manu no longer continued to incarnate as the priest-king of the City of the Sun. The mysteries of the temples were forgotten when the Holy Rishis no longer incarnated into the priestly lineages. The canals dried up and the waters ceased to provide the life that was needed to maintain the city. The city’s libraries fell into disuse and the old ways were no longer followed. After seven thousand years of inspiring many cultures, the light of Manu’s wisdom could barely be seen in his city.

Incarnation of Lucifer

It was to this city, time, and people that Lucifer decided to incarnate as a human being.  He thought that he could resurrect the ancient wisdom and control the culture with his brand of power and control. Lucifer lusted to become human and bring back the lost glory of Manu’s past.  He knew that he could dust off the books and replace the stones where they belonged and resurrect the practices of the seven temples. Thus, Lucifer incarnated as a human being around 2,000 B.C in China, in the City of the Sun.

Once Lucifer had become a human being, he had fallen further than any Archai had ever fallen before. Lucifer fell through three ranks of the hierarchies with this audacious action which was done for the sheer gratification of pride and the arrogant desire for dominion over humanity.

Lucifer said to himself, “I will be the greatest human being there ever was or will be. I will be greater than Manu. I will outshine the brilliance of any human, for all time to come.”

And with that in mind, Lucifer became a human being at about the same time that humans were building megalithic structures and trying to understand the stars and humanity’s place among them. Lucifer fell to the earth like a falling star aimed towards one of the oldest and wisest of human communities, the City of the Sun.

Lucifer was right in thinking that he would be a “brilliant star in a human body.”  Imagine “God’s favorite” now incarnated in a human body — the muddy ‘vesture of decay’ that is the human body, a mortal shell that decays and dies.  If he was to live longer than a mortal human life span, he would have to create an elixir of life to defeat old age and death. Lucifer immediately set out to find the secret of physical immortality.

Searching for the Elixir of Life

Once Lucifer became the chief priest in the Sun Temple and the head of the libraries, he began a tremendous campaign to find all the secrets of life and store them in the libraries of Manu. He designed great ships that could travel quickly over water and through the air. He traveled far and wide and brought back every piece of knowledge that he could find. He pondered long over alchemical secrets of sounds and symbols and the laws of nature from the smallest to the largest. Lucifer’s library now went beyond even that of Manu’s. Great works of knowledge were written and wonderful creations of science were invented and recorded in the libraries. Pictures and diagrams of everything imaginable were coded and organized by subject. Wonders of nature were gathered and new artifacts were added every day. Captain’s logs and maps from journeys to lands on the other side of the world could be found there with globes for navigation by water, air or land. Scholars spoke boldly about their findings and all begged the ear of Lucifer to seek his approval. Chinese mythological history referred to Lucifer as the Emperor Yu.

Lucifer planned great expeditions to discover new lands that had yet to be catalogued. But even after all this effort, he still could not find the drought of immortality or the water of life. What good would all the knowledge and wealth of the earth do for him if he didn’t have enough time to spend it or the years to understand it?

The lust for physical immortality led Lucifer again and again to travel far and wide to seek answers in distant lands. He took with him the best thinkers in their respective fields. He was obsessed with finding the means with which he could dominate the world for all time to come. He would not rest until the secrets of physical immortality were found. His followers would do anything or go anywhere to please their master. They traveled to the eastern shores and built great ships to sail further to the east to a land called Lu.

Lucifer was pleased to find in Lu amazing landscapes, from 10,000 plumes of volcanic vents steaming skyward in one valley, to huge whales and amazing new species in abundance everywhere. He studied the organisms that grew around the fumaroles to see if they could teach him how to withstand great heat and burning. He learned from everything he encountered. In the arctic he learned the secrets of the deep ocean streams that turn the earth on its axis. He learned the mysteries of the narwhals that can sing their prey to sleep or navigate the ice flows around the North Pole. He found pieces to the puzzle of immortality in the meta-sequoia, the mother of conifers that had filled the icy northlands before the last ice age. He climbed the highest mountains and plumbed the deepest caverns looking for crystals, metals, and minerals to combine into new experiments that might extend human life. Nothing could deter his determined will from finding the aqua vita – the fountain of youth.

Lucifer took dawn redwood seeds and crossed them with meta-sequoia and foxtail pines that had been sprouted in fiery volcanic conditions, until he created trees that could resist fire. He traveled down the coast of Lu where he came across the warm trade-winds that create a magical effect on the forests of the area. On one island, he found rain-forests where he crossbred Chinese seeds with mighty sitka trees. Later he crossbred them again with coastal redwoods. The new breed of tree developed extraordinary roots that could reach for miles. In dolomite mountains, he found bristlecone pines which lived to be 3,700 years old before they died.

Across the valley from the bristlecone pines, on the western slopes of the tallest mountains in the area, the efforts of Lucifer’s work came to fruition. He again crossbred the Chinese dawn redwood seeds with yet another seed that only incubates in fire and ice and created sequoia trees. Lucifer bred these first sequoia trees in a few high-elevation groves facing the western sea breeze. These trees combined all the best qualities he was looking for, from fire resistance to long life, to moisture retention and perennial foliage with highly developed root systems and the perfect seed delivery with release mechanisms triggered only by fire and ice in perfect balance. All the elements were balanced in this amazing tree that seemed to have the right characteristics for longevity.

The ancient sequoia trees that Lucifer bred grew to become one of the largest living life-forms on earth. They have grown indefinitely, at least in the human history span of time, without showing any signs of decay or impending death.

Lucifer was obsessed with things that could live to a great age and display seemingly immortal characteristics. The arctic bowhead whale held numerous secrets of longevity and the rising sap of trees in the spring held others. These studies of long-life lead Lucifer to experiment breeding the thule trees of Mexico, the banyan trees of Central America, and the giant high-elevation forests all along the western edge of South America. These experimentally cross-bred trees share the same extraordinary volcanic and magnetic forces that are part of the ring of fire which Lucifer used to try to create immortality in the plant kingdom in hopes of extending his own life.

Maps of Lucifer’s trip from Alaska to the southern tip of Chile were made for the City of the Sun’s libraries. One of these trips was referred to as the expedition of the Emperor Yu through the Land of Lu. Some of the oldest records describe this trip in detail with accompanying maps that recorded the elevation of mountains with illustrations of the fauna and flora that were found there. Lucifer’s biological experiments in longevity were planted from one end of the trip to the other. The sequoias that were planted on that expedition show no signs of decaying and none have died a natural death of old age.  Ironically, Lucifer may have been successful in obtaining a life form of longevity, but it has taken thousands of years to see the results of his experiments.

Lucifer found that High Sierra bristlecone pine trees die because they are based on calcium, whereas sequoia trees live indefinitely due to the high amount of silica in the soil and the trace amounts of ocean salt in the air. Sequoias mysteriously sprout when fire and ice come together when seasonal spring lightning causes fires among the snowmelt. Perfect soil allows sequoias to spread their roots a mile from the trunk and yet only a few feet beneath the surface. Its cones only mature and open during fires under perfect conditions. Sequoia bark is full of natural asbestos that resists fire, which helps extend their lives indefinitely.

Giant sequoias were planted by Lucifer’s expedition in 2000 B.C. They have lived through the Christ (solar deity) descent to the earth and experienced it through the rays of the sun.  They have witnessed the earth become renewed by Christ’s deed. These ancient trees drip blood-red sap when fire burns their trunks. The red sap tears can be made into a magic elixir known only to the native Indians of the area. Sequoias are a gift from Lucifer that hold the alchemical secret of longevity. If we separate the sulfur, salt, and mercury of the spring sap and recombine it homeopathically, an elixir of longevity can be created.

Lucifer did not live long enough to benefit from his own brilliant botanical experiments.  But his brother, Ahriman, who would incarnate 2,000 years later, would understand the implications of Lucifer’s expedition through the Americas, the land of Lu.

Lucifer stayed away from the City of the Sun for many years on great expeditions trying to find the mystery he sought. He found and recorded many secrets, but his greatest desire still eluded his search. He recorded all that he learned along the way so that he could take it back to the libraries for safe keeping.  After many years of searching, he finally sailed back to his land and returned to his city.

Lucifer’s long absence had taken its toll on the City of the Sun. The people were lost again and had gone back to their selfish pursuits and had taken the Holy Stones and sold them as so much treasure. Their whereabouts was unknown and the kings who had taken them did not know how to use their power wisely. The temples were all but ruins and the libraries were sealed and never visited since the knowledge of the language needed to decipher the texts had been lost. The temples longer worked together and each person was now on his own, alone.

Lucifer was distraught at the weakness of his followers, the descendents of Manu. He quickly regained the stones and set them in their places and rebirthed the processes of the seven temples. Once again the city was renewed and the people were happy and sought knowledge and wisdom, not war and greed.

A new peace descended upon the city, but Lucifer grew restless again and heard that many humans live to a very old age in the mountains at the top of the world and the valleys around them. With that understanding, Lucifer left the City of the Sun and traveled there to gather knowledge and test his theories.

Lucifer found that the waters around the valleys were rich in a substance he had only found at the roots of ancient mountains. In these valleys, old forces become new and the people grow to a ripe old age and died peacefully. Lucifer found that in the heart of the seed of their favorite fruit, the apricot, a small kernel grows that holds the secret to good health and old age. Although legend has it that people from this region lived to 125 years old, this was not enough time for Lucifer. He desired more longevity, if not physical immortality.

Lucifer heard rumors among the people in the valleys that a wise king and queen lived at the top of the world’s highest mountain, and there, in their vast northern lands, they rule with wisdom and longevity from a jade palace. They guard the secrets of the peaches of immortality, which only blossom and fruit every 2,000 years. From these peaches, they make great and wondrous foods, drinks, and magic pills of immortality.

Lucifer was very excited to hear these tales that spoke of his greatest desire. He quickly took leave of the valleys and sped to the northernmost, highest mountain that he could find. There he found the Jade Emperor of the North and his wife. Lucifer stormed the court and demanded a share of these wondrous foods and drinks. The Jade Emperor was insulted by the bold demand and was reticent to discuss the stranger’s demands.  Lucifer would not wait for a response and quickly took the pills of immortality that were there and ate them all. He picked all the peaches on the tree and ate them as fast as he could.

What he didn’t know was that peaches of immortality that are not ripe work the opposite way; they take away years of life instead of adding them. Lucifer had eaten every pill and drank every bit of the elixir of life, but the unripe peaches counteracted the effect completely. The Jade Emperor and his Queen were terrified that they would no longer live a long and happy life because all the pills and elixirs of immortality and the peaches had been stolen by Lucifer.

Lucifer’s impetuous deed now made him more anxious than ever to find his heart’s desire. He was so close to the goal when his gluttony and greed overwhelmed him and destroyed any possibility of victory over death by using the peaches of immortality. The people of the northern lands never forgot the treachery of Lucifer and wrote many stories about his cruel and selfish deeds. They called him the Sun Monkey King and his stories live on in the folklore entitled, The Journey to the West. Lucifer left his mark on the beliefs of Taoists throughout China by his deeds.

Another of Lucifer’s passions was his attempt to extend life using mercury. These practices were used extensively for centuries by kings and alchemists alike. In the end, the mercury tinctures only worked for a short while; after which, they had devastating effects on a person’s health. By using mercury, Lucifer shortened his life in the pursuit of lengthening it.

The practice of consuming mercury became engrained in Chinese Emperors and many of them died from mercury poisoning. The first Emperor of Chin (the ancient name for China) built a great pyramid structure over his tomb that was an exact miniature replica of his kingdom of Chin.  Mercury filled the rivers and lakes while gold and diamonds adorned the ceiling with an exact replica of the starry heavens. There were huge buried chambers surrounding his pyramid tomb that held thousands of terra cotta replicas of soldiers and servants designed to care for the king in the next world. These great wonders have never been investigated and hold many of Lucifer’s secrets.

Lucifer, for his part, continued to study all aspects of life on earth in search for physical immortality. He was growing old and he had found many wondrous things, but none that could extend the time he had for research. Death was creeping up on him, and he was not prepared to admit failure. He traveled back to the City of the Sun after years of searching the highest mountains and the lands of the north. He had lived for some time in the land beneath the motionless star where the fiery colored wall of flames surrounded the never-aging arctic wastelands. There, he saw the souls of humanity cluster every night and the new souls who gather there to await birth. Time seemed to stand still there, but it did not.

Lucifer grew lonely for the City of the Sun. Upon his return, he found the city worse than the first time he had sojourned for years in the Far East. Now, the city was being dismantled piece by piece and sold to the highest bidder. Pieces of the temples had been shipped to the farthest reaches of the earth and people stood mute before their designs and symbols. The rivers were now only a trickle of the glory of the past. The forests and gardens had long since passed into dust and desert and the light of the holy stones seemed lost forever. Men knew that some great power came from the stones and they tried hard to unlock their secrets for their own personal power and gain. The light of the stones dimmed until few could see the light they gave off and most people blatantly scoffed at the “Holy Jewel of Lucifer that fell from heaven.”

Lucifer Finds the Holy Stones

Lucifer had a great challenge recovering the stones from the vast darkness that held them. All the faithful priests had disappeared into the desert, and the sands of time had covered the libraries until the pyramids were but a slight hint of a hill in the sand-blown dessert. The City of the Sun was destroyed, and Lucifer did not have the strength to dig out the libraries from the constant march of the desert sands. He gathered the last few faithful students, promising them the powers and wealth of immortality if they would help him recover the Holy Stones, the grail-stones of the city.

For ages, his students looked throughout many lands until the memory of Lucifer’s glorious days in the City of the Sun were nothing but vague memories that meant little to the band of wanderers who sacked what remained. They even came to forget who Lucifer was, calling him a demon, a slave driver, and the Father of Lies. Even his faithful followers left one by one, as the stones could not be found and the stories of their existence in a City of the Sun became hollow words that were considered legends and myths.

Ultimately, Lucifer was totally alone. He had suffered so long that he barely knew his name or whether any of what he believed was true. He doubted everything about himself, and there was no one with him to remind him of his past glory. Lucifer now understood what it meant to be human, limited by a mortal body. Something died in his soul and he no longer desired to possess anything or gain any more knowledge. He desired nothing and felt as if all that he had experienced as a human was worth nothing. Total emptiness filled his soul.

Lucifer lay down to sleep as the darkness gathered around him. When he awoke, he found himself near a wide river flowing swiftly. He decided to stay there and make his livelihood from travelers who needed to be ferried across the river. He would ask for a bit of food in payment and that would become his livelihood. Lucifer was old and growing blind from the mercury poisoning but he knew this spot next to the river would become his home. He eventually learned to know the river so well that he could master it through storm or flood.

Lucifer’s many years of dedication to the task of carrying every wandering traveler to the other side finally brought him his greatest desire. One day, while lying peacefully by the flowing water, a young prince came by his hut and asked to be carried over the river. The old man was happy to oblige him for the price of a vegetable or fruit. The young prince was shocked at the suggestion that one of his high status would be traveling with common food. He reached into his bag and pulled out seven stones that he said he found in the river just below where the old man lived.

“I saw them gleam in the river as I was walking along the bank as they caught the light of the sun,” said the prince.

The old ferryman could hardly believe his eyes. The Holy Stones of the City of the Sun were being given to him, instead of a turnip or an apple, for the ride across the river.  Lucifer was shocked to realize that for years the Holy Stones were just a short distance from his hut by the river, lying in the river for anyone to take.

The old ferryman looked deeply into the eyes of the young prince for a long time. After a long silence, he agreed to ferry the prince across the river. The young prince gave him the seven stones freely, not seeing the wonder and power that resided in them. He looked at the old man with gratitude and stepped into the boat.

As they crossed the river, the old ferryman asked the young prince what it was that he sought on the other side of the river.  The prince told him his story from the beginning, with the many adventures, trials and challenges he had encountered. He had lost everything his father had given him through one mishap after the other, all in the pursuit of a princess who had passed by and struck his heart with love. He had followed her back to her kingdom and many times almost lost his life in the pursuit, until now as he stood a river’s width away from her homeland. The prince was sure that his dream was about to come true.

The old man listened with such intensity that it cracked his heart wide open. His eyes began to cry for the first time at hearing the sadness and suffering the prince had endured. The old ferryman began to remember his younger days and the fiery nature of his soul that drove him to search the world over for eternal youth. Here before Lucifer was the epitome of “eternal youth” who is searching for his higher self and is one step from the divine marriage to the spirit that quenches all longing and desire.

“I am eternally grateful to you, Ferryman, for a passage across this treacherous river of death. I am only sorry that everything of value that I once owned was taken from me or lost to chance. All that I had to give you are some pretty stones I found on the edge of the river. Thank you again for putting your life at risk for me, a wandering fool for love,” the prince said as he sat down in the boat.

Tears rushed down the ferryman’s cheeks and fell like a waterfall on the stones in his hands washing them clean of the years of darkness that had surrounded them. The stones began to shine again. The ferryman seemed strengthened and alive. He began to remember the brightness of former days and the glory of the power of the Holy Stones.  The river sensed that something powerful was aboard this tiny vessel and it began to resist carrying the boat from one side to the other. The river knew that something was about to happen that would change the world forever and it resisted with all its strength.

The river tossed up waves to capsize the ferryman’s boat that had peacefully crossed the river so many times before. The river knew that the ferryman was making his last crossing with a cargo that was too heavy for such a small boat. But the hand of Lucifer grew stronger with every challenge to his authority. He maneuvered through the surging waves and crossed the river’s divide between this world and the next.  The young prince hung onto the boat with life and limb and kept his eyes focused on the powerful ferryman who tamed the turbid waters. The prince had faith that the ferryman’s age and wisdom would conquer the rushing torrent. With authority and strength, the priest-king Lucifer stepped onto dry land and pulled the young prince from the boat.

Lucifer’s brilliance reignited and he saw himself in the young prince. The prince bowed deeply and thanked the powerful ferryman for his courageous deed and again apologized for the paltry payment and promised to return with wealth to pay him properly.

Once the prince had left, Lucifer cried with relief and happiness. His tears fell into the river and crystallized into precious stones that glittered in the sunlight. The river took the new stones of tears as barter for the river stones the youth had taken. Then, the river was at peace.  The Holy Stones shone more brightly moment by moment and their true colors began to reveal themselves in gleaming streams of living light.

Lucifer noticed that all the stones were there but that their power seemed to be depleted.  The stones no longer worked together to create the effects of resonant magic that had fueled the City of the Sun in past ages.  Their luster and inward glory had dulled due to the “tests” that researchers had subjected them to when trying to fathom their nature and strength. Science could not understand the living nature of light that came from heaven and became nurturing effulgence and radiant life on earth. The light of heaven had dimmed in the stones through their mistreatment in the hands of humans.

Lucifer’s mind was defeated and his plans to be the greatest and most powerful ruler seemed impossible now. He was forgotten and had no one to talk to about his efforts that had inspired civilizations. He made his way back to the ruins of City of the Sun to find it all but completely gone. Only the rock outcropping at the confluence of the two mighty rivers remained unchanged over the millennium. Its forms still resembled the skull of a human with hollow eyes staring out on the place where the rivers joined together. But now, the rivers were quiet and small and their former days unimaginable. One river was now only a trickle. But the caves inside the rock outcropping remained intact and dry above the rivers below.

Lucifer made his way to the caves and entered them with the Holy Stones. He placed the stones in the hollows of the caves that closely replicated the cavities and ventricles found in the human brain. He placed each stone in the proper chamber that reflected the planetary force of each of the seven temples of the City of the Sun, and then he sealed the chambers. He placed the largest stone, which was struck from his crown by Michael so long ago, in the chamber mimicking where the pineal gland sits in the fourth ventricle of the brain. The green stone in the central position, compounded of dark matter in times long forgotten, now became a part of the earth in a truly natural way.

Lucifer, knowing that his death was imminent, left these stones to no one because he cared for no one and no one cared about the past or its glory or his hope of physical immortality.

Lucifer returned to his fallen angelic form, taking up his place on the throne, after his stint as a human. He cannot see the Christ in the spiritual world or when he appeared on Earth. Lucifer is blind to Christ’s deeds and suffers the hell of timeless imprisonment in his own self-indulgence.

The only way left to free Lucifer is to ask the old ferryman to carry us across the river of death on the quest for immortality with hope and love that springs ever anew. Lucifer ‘knows the good,’ but cannot ‘do the right,’ as he is a victim of self-deceit that blinds the striving soul from seeing the descent of the spirit.

Lucifer’s Legacy

No one remembered and no one cared when the City of the Sun and the skull-mountain were covered with water by the building of a power dam needed to drill for oil. Oil industrialists found the city and the library before the drilling began but quickly bulldozed the city over and reburied the pyramids in the sand. The pyramids stand there today in the Gobi Desert ready to be opened like the libraries beneath the Egyptian pyramids or the many clusters of pyramids that cover the Chinese landscape. It will only take one follower of Lucifer to uncover the libraries and one diver to recover the stones. When they are found, the true records will be unearthed that unveil the mysteries of Manu and Lucifer. These records will be a testament to Lucifer’s audacious and prideful human efforts on earth. A time will come when people will find the way to physical longevity using Lucifer’s quest as a road map.

Concerns about physical immortality are small compared to the fact that Lucifer was so busy with his own self-absorption that he failed to notice that Christ also had descended to Earth in a human physical body a few thousand years after he did. Christ conquered death through his incarnation and redeemed humanity for all time to come. This essentially gave humans the consciousness they need to be immortal by remembering repeated human incarnations. Lucifer could not see Christ’s deed, though it took place in his own domain, the realm of Earth. Lucifer could not look upon the selfless deeds of Christ and witness the death of the second person of the Holy Trinity because Lucifer’s selfish light blotted out the humble light that shone in Christ.

Witnessing Christ’s sacrifice would have been the greatest humiliation that Lucifer could have endured, for the Archangel Michael, Lucifer’s old foe, is the face of Christ, the radiant countenance of Christ. Lucifer cannot endure the loving light of Christ.

All of Lucifer’s strivings on the earth were simply his worship of his own self-image, and his efforts for physical immortality are long forgotten. But Christ’s deed started as a humble spark at first and now has the power to transform the earth into a brilliant new sun. Christ is now the lord of all karma and sits as the judge of the living and the dead.

All human souls are immortal through the gift of Christ. Immortality is not something for which we must quest; it is a gift to accept freely. Lucifer does not know that his central Holy Stone of his crown, the “green stone of pride” was transformed into the Holy Grail that caught the blood of Christ from the cross. This sacred blood is the new life-blood of Christ that brings the understanding of immortality. The blood of the highest God was collected in the carved-out stone that once was in the crown of Lucifer. The selfless act of Christ transformed Lucifer’s heresy and his prideful “crown stone” became the humble drinking vessel of a carpenter. This vessel of compassion and love transformed into the grail of life that feeds humanity.

The legends about Lucifer are true. The author knows this because, in another lifetime, I was there with Lucifer as one of his students. But now, I have seen the true light of Christ, brought to me through Sophia, the Wisdom of the Christ. I have helped redeem Lucifer through the power of Pentecost, the Holy Baptism of Fire which is given by the Holy Sophia and the Holy Spirit.

Lucifer must be redeemed, along with all of humanity. It is the task of the Mother Sophia to wed Lucifer and the Holy Sophia so that all the wisdom of heaven and earth might be made available to humanity during its ascension. This is my mission, and the war of light and darkness that rages in the human soul is the battleground for the War in Heaven which must be won again in every moment of ascension back to the Throne of God.

@2017 by Douglas Gabriel All Rights Reserved.