Task of Evil is to Promote the Ascent of Man

Those who have begun to follow the path of Sophia-Christos are involved and active in world events and understand that the dark brotherhood is not some nebulous esoteric concept tucked away neatly in a Rudolf Steiner lecture. These are forces that must be faced in order to develop our consciousness which runs up against evil to help us wake up and become aware. It takes great effort and awareness to develop wisdom that can shed light on personal development and the contemporary affairs of the outer world.

Spiritual development is about integrating the inner with the outer and finding the wisdom in both. To find wisdom, we seek all the places where life springs forth anew. rudolf-steinerLiving-thinking springs from a heart that has “warmed up” thinking. This higher thinking, Imagination, has the power and brilliance to see “into” things, both within the self and in the outer world, or cosmos, around us. Burying our head in the sand or withdrawing into our shell doesn’t advance spiritual development; it is interaction between the inner and the outer that quickly develops the soul and spirit.

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Rudolf Steiner and the Nature and Purpose of Evil